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Sage Africa PR team scoops 7 PR awards

21 August 2018

The Sage Africa team has enjoyed a remarkable year on the PR front, scooping seven prestigious South African, pan-African and international awards for PR campaigns implemented and executed in 2017.

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Sage calls for businesses to define the ethical principles that guide AI development

20 August 2018

“The danger of overhyping and objectifying AI is that we don’t realize the valuable opportunity that presents itself. Fundamental to this will be addressing the ethical issues posed by AI, head-on. As an established business embracing this technology, we think that is our responsibility to do that with our peers, for our customers and society as a whole.”

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Constitutional Court ruling on labour brokers: what employers need to know

20 August 2018

On 26 July this year, the Constitutional Court clarified that organisations are deemed to be the employer of workers they accessed through labour brokers after those employees have been employed at their workplace for more than three months.

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Accounting 3.0: Adapt to grow – the changing role of the accountant

17 August 2018

Businesses today want more from their accountants. Business strategy, growth planning and future vertical industry trends are all areas that accountants are being expected to input on with knowledge and confidence.

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There is more to the accounting profession than just accounting

13 August 2018

With today’s easy access to online learning resources and the increasing flexibility of today’s employers, it’s more viable than ever to switch from one path to another, mid-career.

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20-man days a year: That’s what SA business spend on tax & accounting

01 August 2018

South African micro-businesses spend around 20 times more of their available hours on tax-related accounting than medium-sized companies, and around four times more of their available hours than small companies. This new global research highlights the impact of unfair and inefficient tax systems on Small & Medium Businesses around the world, including findings to suggest that the smallest 515,000 companies and startups registered in South Africa face some of the most significant administrative burdens.

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Mid-sized retailers need to modernise tech to keep pace with digital competitors and rising consumer expectations

30 July 2018

Second-tier retailers in South Africa should be looking at modernising their enterprise application backbones so that they can become more agile, more easily embrace digital channels, and rapidly expand their businesses into new markets.

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#BRICS: Paving the way to a brighter future for small biz in South Africa

27 July 2018

The 10th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg this week highlights the growing opportunities for South Africa’s Small & Medium Businesses to export their goods and services to emerging market peers such as Brazil, Russia, India and China. Paired with South Africa’s support for the African Continental Free Trade Area, this demonstrates that government is looking strategically at how we can export and globalise our country’s dynamic and innovative start-ups, scale-up and small companies.

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The IoT journey: 6 questions to ask before starting

26 July 2018

On the surface, embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) for business transformation seems like an obvious strategy for any organisation. However, if an IoT initiative is not properly designed, deployed and supported with the right resources, tools and data, it could introduce significant risk, spanning costs, security, and reputational and regulatory challenges.

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