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The clock is ticking for African companies to get ready for the General Data Protection Regulation

04 April 2018

A new data privacy and protection framework called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect across the European Union on 25 May this year – and it will change the game for African businesses, too. If your business based in Africa handles personal data about European residents and citizens, you will be expected to comply, even if you do not have a direct presence in Europe.

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Five accounting habits to break for any small business

26 March 2018

When you first started your business, you probably didn’t anticipate how much time it would take to balance your books and manage your cash flow – a major stumbling block for most small businesses.
‘Accountant’ is one of the many hats you wear as a small business owner, even if you’ve had no formal training and don’t enjoy number crunching.

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How to prepare for – and survive – late payments

23 March 2018

Late payments, bad debt and unexpected expenses are just some reasons why small businesses run into cash flow problems, which can impact their sustainability and profitability.
A recent study by Sage – ‘Late Payments: The Domino Effect’ – found that 15% of invoices in South Africa are paid late, while more than 88% of payments due to Small & Medium Business’s are never made or are made so late that businesses are forced to write them off as bad debt.

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Sharpening African manufacturers’ competitive edge with technology

20 March 2018

African countries from South Africa to Ethiopia to Nigeria are pinning some of their hope for economic growth and job creation on industrialisation. With its young population, dynamic growth and rapidly improving infrastructure, sub-Saharan Africa has the potential to become a manufacturing powerhouse in the years to come.

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The hidden VAT opportunities for small businesses

19 March 2018

For more than 25 years, the VAT rate has remained unchanged at 14%. Unlike with income tax, many businesses have never had to adjust their systems or train their teams on new VAT rates. Until now.
In preparing for the adjustment, your small business should grab the opportunity to review all other areas of your business and figure out where you can do more with less.

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NPOs invited to Sage Foundation’s ‘Platform for Change’ workshop

13 March 2018

Sage Foundation, in partnership with Phambano Technology Development Centre through TechSoup South Africa, invites South African non-profit organisations (NPOs) to attend a free workshop to see how powerful software tools can help them to save time and improve efficiency. The workshop will take place in Johannesburg on 20 March.

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The productivity puzzle: is your small biz losing valuable time?

12 March 2018

Many African entrepreneurs work longer hours during the week. South African entrepreneurs, for example, work more than 70 hours per week, sacrifice their public holidays and weekends, and take few days off each year. Yet our productivity research shows that Small & Medium Businesses in South Africa spend an average of 202 working days per year on admin tasks, accounting for around 3.7% of their total manpower.

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Independent consulting firm finds that Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management delivers circa 200% ROI

09 March 2018

Sage (FTSE: SGE), the market leader in cloud business management today launched an independent study that has revealed the significant savings made by businesses in three major industries after they implemented Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.

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SA’s Maths challenge has little to do with numbers

09 March 2018

If you’ve ever visited a foreign country, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of not being able to communicate with someone who speaks a different language. Although humans are naturally wired for communication, we can’t help but feel excluded and helpless when we can’t understand what we’re hearing.

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