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Sage Pastel Partner for NPOs: smart, intuitive accounting software tailor made for non-profit organisations

In NPOs, accounting and financial management differs in many ways to commercial organisations. And we know that NPOs often struggle to adapt conventional accounting packages to meet their needs. That’s particularly true when reporting the same information in different ways to different stakeholders. 

Designed specifically to control your financials, our software frees your time to focus on more virtuous work.

Is this the right product for you?

We’ve developed our software based on your requirements. We’ve included only the features you need, without limiting you when your organisation grows. Pastel Partner for NPOs comes with a single user and unlimited company licence, with the ability to purchase up to 20 additional user licences. You’ll be able to store five years of transactional data, and process the current - as well as previous - financial year. In addition to a General Ledger, you can also create up to 30 separate cash books. 

Uses terminology that NPOs are familiar with, such as surplus, deficit, and accumulated fund
Create your organisation in a matter of minutes with our NPO-specific default settings
Create and manage customers and suppliers, invoices, quotes, and purchase orders
Track your inventory in as much detail as you need
View business-critical information at a glance
Quickly perform common tasks with our intuitive interface
Track specific projects and activities by actual movement versus budget
Design standard report templates in Excel and update them straight from the software
Add extra modules as and when you need them 

To support the sector, Sage Pastel Partner for NPOs is supplied for an Annual Licence Fee at discounted price. 

The NPO licence includes:

Unlimited access to Sage Pastel Support, where specialists will assist in meeting an NPOs specific needs 
Software upgrades 
Unlimited access to the NPO Customer Zone, which includes a range of resources related to NPO accounting and financial management, frequently asked questions, and reporting templates

* This package contains one user licence. Additional user licences can be purchased in increments according   to your needs. Additional licences can be purchased from Sage Pastel. One user license equates to loading the software onto one PC.

** Product information and pricing is only applicable for products sold in South Africa.

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