Expanding your markets

and controlling your costs


Against a backdrop of globalisation and cost-cutting, the nature of this business has become fiercely competitive and decisions based on pricing have become the standard.

Companies in the distribution and retail sectors need to deliver high quality products and services at a low cost in order to gain market share and prosper. An ambitious goal, and to achieve this whilst maintaining customer satisfaction means companies must streamline processes, adopt best practices and make use of innovative technologies.

Business Management solutions need to evolve at the same pace as technology advancements – for example, technologies catering for Mobility, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and Business Intelligence.

Sage Enterprise provides 360 degree solutions for numerous niche sectors with either Sage 300 or Sage Enterprise Management as the underlying Business Management solution, catering for varying requirements and business strategies.


With Sage Enterprise Management, you are choosing the next generation of business management solutions to cope with the many diverse and complex requirements of the agricultural industry, all the while providing you with full visibility and traceability, from farm to fork. Sage Enterprise Management will help you stay agile and meet whatever demands come your way brought about by ever changing geographical conditions, increasingly stringent regulations and compliancy controls.

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With Sage Enterprise Management retail management has never been so easy. From a central setup and design, each POS till can be configured in a matter of minutes and deployed countrywide. As each branch trades, information relating to stock, sales, credit limits and pricing is sent to and from the store to head office on a real time or scheduled basis.

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Shipping & Port Operations

Roughly 90% of world trade is channelled through ports, meaning that your shipping operation absolutely needs efficient management of port operations in order to succeed, let alone grow. Legislative changes and corporate regulations are but a few of the many challenges facing this industry. Shipping companies need to avoid disparate systems that do not provide Management with a single version of the truth. They need to avoid a mixed bag of systems that focus on transactions rather than integrated processes. Sage Enterprise Management provides the scale and complexity of a large shipping operation in a single, real-time system.

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