Customer satisfaction

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The biggest challenge for businesses in the services industry is satisfying a client’s needs and expectations whilst still maintaining a profit. Services companies need to measure financial performance, minimise risk and monitor all- important KPI’s in order to maintain customer service levels as well as profits. Simplifying the basics of service management with better control over stock, labour and resources will contribute to the company’s success and customers’ satisfaction.

Technology advances such as the adoption of wireless technology, the web and embedded RFID sensors for equipment are, for example, of significant importance to the services industry. By harnessing the power of these technologies, Services companies will reap huge benefits, gaining that competitive edge they require through increased responsiveness and efficiency – the key is to embrace the digital world sooner rather than later.

Sage Enterprise provides 360 degree solutions for multiple sectors of the services industry with either Sage 300 or Sage Enterprise Management as the underlying Business Management solution, catering for varying needs and business strategies.

Engineering Services

The fundamentals of engineering have not changed – what’s needed is a change at operational level that embraces the digital era. This presents a challenge to an industry that has been moulded using cultural and traditional business models over many decades. Sage Enterprise Management is ready for you. Built-in functionality for best practice financial management combined with the ability to accommodate any of your unique rules and processes. It’s also easily scalable—so you’ll never run out of capacity again—and quickly adapts to your changing needs, driving efficiency and helping you manage costs and to make sure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

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Equipment Rentals

Of all industries that will benefit from the digital age and IoT (Internet of Things) Equipment Rental companies are probably the best positioned to take full advantage and increase their competitive edge. Advancements in equipment technology such as embedded sensors mean you can move away from preventative maintenance to predicative maintenance. . It’s become clear that smart companies need to adopt new technology processes to transform equipment operations in order to be successful now AND in the years to come. Sage Enterprise Management will help you stay agile and meet whatever demands come your way.

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The challenges facing the healthcare industry in the 21st century range from global pandemics to new and emerging public health threats. This industry is under constant pressure to respond to an evolving environment whilst adhering to an increasing number of healthcare standards and regulations. Sage Solution for Healthcare provides organisations with the best technical architecture and applications. It offers robust security and tight integration across departments including accounting and finance, providing stakeholders with the correct records and reports on demand.

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Public Sector

There is an absolute need to review systems now. It is widely regarded as a difficult and challenging environment for public sector organizations. Both external and internal expectations for transparency and compliance are at an all-time high and the need to deliver service and payments to suppliers has never been more necessary. Sage Enterprise Management is the natural choice to deliver a prescribed public sector solution using pre-defined business rules and processes together with a user experience that leads the market.

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