Manage your personal finances online!

Manage your personal finances online.

Sage Pastel understands that when making an investment in your business software, you need all the facts.

Sage Pastel My Money

Sage Pastel My Money is an online personal finance management tool brought to you by Sage Pastel. Synonymous with trusted accounting software, Sage Pastel is the ideal partner on your road to personal financial success.

  • No security hassles: Your data is super safe. Sage Pastel My Money uses 128-bit encryption and transmits personal and financial information securely. Read More...
  • No monthly payment hassles: Sage Pastel My Money is absolutely free. No software to install, trials or monthly fees. You get 3 users and 3 households.
  • No installation hassles: Simply login and start working. There is no wasted time on software installations or upgrades. Plus, you get new features free!
  • No accessibility hassles: Work from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. Invite other users to your household.

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What can Sage Pastel My Money do for you?


Sage Pastel My Money will give you an overview of your spending habits, bank account balances and what you have left at the end of each month


You can attach notes and files to any transaction! Keep a record of all your purchases by taking a picture of, or scanning in your till slips, warranty papers and any other important documents.


You can capture income, expenses and bank transfers, or use the easy bank import option to import your bank and credit card statements.


Manage your household contents for insurance purposes by recording all your purchases.


Create a budget from scratch or based on historical spending and track your spending against your budget each month.