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Strategic Sales

Strategic Sales is an important part of our focus in providing the highest levels of pre-sales service and expertise to our existing and prospective customer base. For those customers considering changing their existing Business Management solutions or embarking upon new projects involving product lines such as CRM, Retail, Service Management, Business Intelligence or Warehousing, Sage Enterprise's  Strategic Sales division is the best place to start.  

Strategic Sales takes the internal skills and expertise of Sage Business Analysts and combines this with the breadth of consulting implementation experience of our partner channel to offer our potential customers the very best in advice and service. If you are considering a new software project, our team of experts will be happy to meet you without commitment and assist you with a complete set of services including:

  • Reviewing current systems and providing advice as to which Sage solution would best fit your business
  • Presenting Sage solutions to your team members and decision makers
  • Providing prototype solutions for the more complex requirements
  • Advise on best practice methodologies
  • In-Depth Industry knowledge and Vertical solution advice
The Sage Enterprise Strategic Sales Team is here to assist you across Africa at absolutely no cost and at our risk. For more information on how to book an appointment, arrange a teleconference or an online webinar, please email Strategic Sales