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E-Learning Training Courses

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E-Learning Training Courses

The most convenient, cheapest and fastest way to complete our training courses. Stay in control of the learning pace and complete courses from home.


  • Learning is self-paced and gives you a chance to speed up or slow down as necessary
  • Accommodates a variety of delivery methods geared to different learners
  • Unbound by time – courses are available 24/7
  • Unbound by place – study at any place convenient for you
  • No travel time and associated costs compared to traditional training
  • Access to the E-Learning support line to assist you with any difficulties  ([email protected] )



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Excel on Steroids

Target audience: Directors. managers and anyone else who uses MS Excel extensively for report writing will benefit from this workshop.

Course detail

  • Copying and moving worksheets
  • Consolidating worksheets
  • Formulae and formulae protection
  • Sorting data lists by using the Custom List function
  • Using subtotals within data
  • Data capturing by using the Data Validation function
  • Grouping rows and columns
  • Understanding the definitions and layout of pivot tables
  • Summarising data using pivot tables
  • Creating formulae within pivot tables
  • Graphically representing your pivot table by creating a pivot chart

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Basic Payroll Training

Duration:  Self-paced
Target Audience:  All new VIP users must attend Basic training. This training introduces you to the VIP system and explains the most important aspects every user should know and understand to complete a pay run successfully. 

Course Detail: The training revolves around a checklist comprising of all the steps required in order to complete a pay run. This checklist forms an integral part of the daily routine of the payroll administrator and its application is demonstrated with the use of practical examples.

  • Payroll processing checklist covering basic steps of a pay run.
  • Adding new employees on the VIP system.
  • Processing increases.
  • Functions on the employee payslip.
  • Making use of time-saving utilities, such as batches.
  • Reports used for reconciling input to ensure accurate payment.
  • Correct procedures for terminations.
  • Printing payslips and reports.
  • ACB payments and UIF declaration exports.

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Payroll Administration

Duration:  Self-paced
Target Audience: The workshop will give you a comprehensive understanding of the basics of payroll administration. Any person who needs a solid foundation in payroll administration or is involved in the management of the payroll office will benefit by completing this course. 


  • Payroll legislation in South Africa: You’ll analyse the various government acts affecting payroll administration based on easy-to-understand diagrams that help you to interpret the different acts.
  • Statutory returns relating to Tax, UIF, SDL, and OID: You’ll complete various returns to enhance your understanding of the theory.
  • Learn about the different pay rates for different hours worked.
  • Learn about all the regulatory leave requirements.

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Payroll Pro Training

Duration: Self-paced
Target Audience:  This training is ideal for experienced users who have done the Basic training and need to enhance their knowledge of the VIP system but can’t leave the office for a day. E-learning provides the perfect opportunity to master more functions of the VIP system in your own time and at a pace suitable to you.

Course Detail: The purpose of the Payroll Pro training is to introduce a number of advanced functionalities of the VIP system and to consider more advanced aspects of payroll administration that relate specifically to the work of the advanced user.

  • Add employee photos to employee records.
  • Include additional screens to the Add Employee Cycle.
  • Define, copy and delete system description codes.
  • Import and export data to and from the VIP system using the flexi import/export facilities.
  • Modify, copy and globally link methods.
  • Define the layout of current period and history payslips using the Payslip Setup Screen.
  • Insert your company logo to print on new format reports, new format payslips and history payslips.
  • Print and use history & contemporary reports.
  • Group and consolidate reports.
  • Query ID numbers, bank account numbers, employee tax numbers and employee codes.
  • Print the Audit Trail

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Skills Development Training

Duration: Self-paced
Target Audience: This comprehensive workshop covers everything you need to know about the VIP Skills module. The training provides step by step guidelines for the use of the Skills development module and the printing of the skills reports. You will also learn how to utilise existing fields in the payroll and integrate them with the skills development module.

Who should attend?

This workshop is essential for

  • users who need to implement and use the Skills module.
  • HR administrators who need an overview of the Skills module.

By the end of this workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Understand important background information and financial facts about the Skills Development Levy.
  • Process and interpret the Skills Development Act based on easy-to-understand diagrams.
  • Understand how you can claim the levies paid in the form of grants.
  • Implement the Skills module based on step-by-step guidelines.
  • Use existing fields in the payroll and integrate them with the Skills module.
  • Understand all the Employment Skills screens through detailed in-class discussions.
  • Optimise the Planned Training screen.
  • Use all the automatic functions, from planning the training to converting it into a qualification
  • Generate the workplace skills plan.
  • Print reports that will not only show what was planned for Skills Development but also measure the progress of the company.

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Personnel Management Training Module

Duration: Self-paced 
Target Audience:  This (Incl. VAT)
course is essential for users who need to equip themselves with enough knowledge to implement the Personnel Management module successfully. 

Course Detail: This course is focused on the use different screens and functions of the Personnel Management modules. Various screens are discussed with ideas on how they may be utilised to benefit your company.

  • The VIP Advisor provides guidelines on various agreements, contracts and procedures that are required in terms of South African legislation.
  • Documenting of various types of interviews.
  • Recording OID incidents and medical examinations relating to the injuries on duty.
  • Recording general medical examinations.
  • Keeping track of different items issued such as laptops, cell phones, etc.
  • Accurate recording of training and development interventions.
  • Tools to determine the viability of employee wellness programs.
  • Keeping track of membership and status of professional bodies and unions.
  • Overview of available reports.

The assessment must be completed and your certificate can be printed upon successful completion thereof. Book online now | View course demo

Leave Administration

Duration:  Self-paced 
Target Audience:  All VIP users responsible for administering leave using the Sage VIP Leave module. 

Course Detail: This training introduces you to the Sage VIP Leave module and provides you with knowledge of all the system functions and reports provided with the module.

  • Understanding the basics of leave legislation.
  • Learn to administer leave effectively.
  • Accessing and understanding an employee’s Leave Days Screen.
  • Processing leave transactions on individual employees’ Leave Days Screens.
  • Attaching leave documents to employee records (VIP Premier users only).
  • Using standard leave reports to manage leave.

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August Submission Workshop (Mid year Tax Submissions)

Duration:  Self-paced 
Target Audience: This training course covers all the important aspects that every user should know and understand to complete the Mid-Year PAYE submission. This course is imperative for all users of the VIP software.

Overview: The Mid-Year PAYE submission training covers the August reconciliation process in a practical manner. It provides you with vital legislative knowledge to ensure compliance and illustrates the system features available to simplify the process. 


  • Mandatory information required for the Mid-Year PAYE submission
  • The August reconciliation process discussed in detail
  • Tools available to simplify the reconciliation
  • Submitting the file to SARS

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Employment Equity

Duration:  Self-paced 
Target Audience: This comprehensive workshop covers everything you need to know about the VIP Employment Equity module. 


  • Utilise the Employment Equity module at your company with ease.
  • Link existing payroll fields to the Employment Equity module and translate them for equity purposes.
  • Activate Employee Equity and Employee Equity History screens.
  • Define which items must form part of equity remuneration for your equity reports.
  • Create equity plans as numerical goal and interim numerical target plans on the VIP system for reporting purposes.
  • Print your equity reports and merge VIP data fields with the official forms from the Department of Labour.
  • Use additional VIP reports to compare your actual workforce to the numerical goals and targets.
  • Use all the Employment Equity Screens with accuracy and understanding.

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