15th Annual Labour Law Seminar

15th Annual Labour Law Seminar


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Annual Labour Law Seminar - November 2017

Every year Andrew Levy takes us through the vital events and cases that impact and develop labour practice to bring you the essential knowledge you must have to keep on top of the complex and dangerous field of employment relations..

Topics that will be covered include:
  • The new Minimum Wage Act
  • Labour Brokers - The Assign Services Judgement
  • The outlook on labour policy and legislation
  • Consulting about retrenchment
  • Requirements for an acceptable performance appraisal system
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of probation
  • The latest court pronouncements on 'zero tolerance' policies for dishonesty
  • The most recent developments in dealing with absenteeism and funny medical certificates

Seminar details:
Duration: 09h00 - 13h00
Date: Various options available on the booking form
Delegates Price per delegate Seminar Loyalty Price per delegate
1 R 1895 R 1750
2-4 R 1800 R 1660
5+ R 1700 R 1575

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Andrew Levy is one of South Africa's best known labour resources and is the presenter of the 2017 Annual Labour Law Seminar. He has been in the labour field for over forty years, has written four books on labour law and practice, and is currently writing a book on Labour Economics.

Andrew with Master’s degrees in both labour economics and labour law has consulted to a wide range of large, small, local and international organizations on the management of industrial relations. He has also provided statistical analysis to the International Monetary Fund, the International Labour Organisation and institutions such as the South African Reserve Bank, as well as the international investment banking community.

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