Gas Terminalling and Distribution Limited


System:  Sage Evolution Premium

Industry:  Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Location:  Lagos, Nigeria

Established in 2006, Gas Terminalling and Distribution Limited (GTL) is a leading Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) company. Operating out of four distribution hubs - located in Kano, Abuja, Ilorin and Lagos (with a fifth planned for Benin) - GTL supplies gas across Nigeria to retail, commercial and industrial customers. 

These customers include glass manufacturers, hotels, hospitals, fast food chains, and major beverage producers like Guinness. GTL also supplies LPG products (like hot water heaters and industrial boilers) through partnerships with companies like Bosch.

With the goal to become the number one, independent LPG supplier and distribution company in Nigeria; GTL is determined to define professional safety standards within the LPG market and set the pace for the industry at large.

As the nation’s most significant natural resource (exceeding crude oil reserves considerably), the Nigerian LPG industry is extremely competitive. To stay ahead of the pack, GTL relies on accurate, real-time data to make timely and informed business decisions before its competitors. 

Sage Evolution Premium gives GTL the power to do this by consolidating their operational management and reporting into one, fully-integrated business management solution. Providing them with instant access to the information that matters most to their business - as a result of improved performance monitoring - while giving them greater organisational control over every aspect of their company’s operations.

“Previously, we used Sage Evolution Premium strictly as an accounting package
 but since implementing it as an enterprise solution, we’ve engaged the
 other units of the company into our data capture process - allowing
 us to make decisions that go beyond just quantitative information.”

Esther Nwokoro
HR and Administration Manager
Gas Terminalling and Distribution Limited