System:  Sage Partner Payroll

Industry:  Pharmaceuticals

Location:  Ghana

Please provide a brief background on the company:
Since they began operating in 2008, Gokals-Laborex have seen their joint venture By ensuring a strong combination of a global presence with local industry knowledge and expertise, they have become a premier pharmaceutical distributor in Ghana.

Which Sage solution/s will be implemented?
Sage Partner Payroll

Is this a Purchased deal or a Hosted solution?

What challenges was the client facing which led to the system change/upgrade?
Processing the monthly payroll was really a headache until I convinced the MD we need a payroll software solution.

What motivated their choice of solution and vendor?
We saw a few demos of different software solution, but found Sage to be unique and much more suited to our needs.

How has the new software benefited the company?

Since we started using Pastel payroll, all the processes are automated and my life has become much easier because I no longer use excel and it’s cumbersome formulas.

How has the new solution/s positioned the company for future growth?

Process Automation

"Since I started using Pastel payroll, every process is automated and my
life has become 
much easier because I no longer use excel and it’s 
cumbersome formulas. I highly recommend it." 

Felicia Opoku
HR & Payroll Manager, Pharmaceuticals