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Want to be more productive? Use these 5 digital business tools

13 September 2018

Running a small or medium sized business in East Africa is a constant hustle – that’s why so many entrepreneurs and business owners are using online applications to streamline collaboration and take the pain out of paperwork.

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Industrial Internet of Things: Connecting machines, people and data

12 September 2018

The industrial Internet of Things is starting to come of age, but are African organisations ready to use it to boost their global competitiveness? The reality is that many industrial companies in Africa are missing a critical building block for an Internet of Things strategy—a modern, robust, and integrated set of enterprise applications.

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The big misperception: Funding leads to business success

03 September 2018

61% of women cited not having access to money as a barrier to starting their own companies.
However, money is only one element of a successful business. Our research also found that skills, grit, hustling and smart time management are as important as financial management. Yet only 21% of women who did not have a business said they had good business skills and only 33% of business owners said they had good financial skills.

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West African businesses: Innovating for the future

30 August 2018

The rise of digital technology, globalisation and inequality all pose challenges for West African companies trying to keep pace with a rapidly evolving environment. Companies in the region need to think about ways they can future-proof their businesses so that they can be ready for a wave of social, economic and technological change – especially as competition heats up.

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#SmallBizFriday: What it means when you buy from a small business

29 August 2018

Small businesses are the lifelines of every community. If we don’t support them, the economy suffers, and we miss out on great benefits.

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Sage Africa PR team scoops 7 PR awards

21 August 2018

The Sage Africa team has enjoyed a remarkable year on the PR front, scooping seven prestigious South African, pan-African and international awards for PR campaigns implemented and executed in 2017.

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#WorldEntrepreneurDay: Is enough being done to support SA’s entrepreneurs?

21 August 2018

World Entrepreneur Day (21 August) is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the role South Africa’s Small & Medium Businesses play in job creation and economic growth. But it is also a time to reflect on what needs to be done to help them grow and thrive - entrepreneurial spirit, drive and passion are essential but not enough on their own.

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Sage calls for businesses to define the ethical principles that guide AI development

20 August 2018

“The danger of overhyping and objectifying AI is that we don’t realize the valuable opportunity that presents itself. Fundamental to this will be addressing the ethical issues posed by AI, head-on. As an established business embracing this technology, we think that is our responsibility to do that with our peers, for our customers and society as a whole.”

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Accounting 3.0: Adapt to grow – the changing role of the accountant

17 August 2018

Businesses today want more from their accountants. Business strategy, growth planning and future vertical industry trends are all areas that accountants are being expected to input on with knowledge and confidence.

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