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West African accountants: Are you embracing new technologies to better support your clients?

15 August 2018

Do you wish that you, as an accountant, had more time to spend building relationships with your clients and giving them business advice?

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East African construction companies: Are you using tech to increase your productivity and performance?

01 August 2018

The construction industry in East Africa continues to enjoy robust growth, off the back of strong regional economic performance. According to Deloitte’s African Construction report for 2017, the number of major construction projects in East Africa last year increased by 65.1% over 2016 and the value of projects rose by 18.8%.

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The IoT journey: 6 questions to ask before starting

26 July 2018

On the surface, embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) for business transformation seems like an obvious strategy for any organisation. However, if an IoT initiative is not properly designed, deployed and supported with the right resources, tools and data, it could introduce significant risk, spanning costs, security, and reputational and regulatory challenges.

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4 Technologies that change the game for accounting practices

24 July 2018

A new wave of technologies is automating many of the mundane processes that once took up so much of your time. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data are reinventing accounting in sub-Saharan Africa, from South Africa to Nigeria, and beyond.

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What NPOs wish corporates knew before Mandela Day

16 July 2018

It was 2pm on Mandela Day at the after-care centre. The children were getting ready to go home when suddenly, 80 volunteers from a large local bank arrived, unannounced. We didn’t know who they were, but they wanted to use their 67 minutes with to volunteer with us.

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10 ways to grow your customer base

28 June 2018

Your customers are essential to your business’ success. And the more customers you have, the more sales and profit you’ll make. Your focus and time should be split between keeping existing customers happy so that they keep coming back and identifying opportunities to attract new customers.

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Kenyan tax deadline looms: Have you filed your returns?

20 June 2018

With the June 30 deadline looming for individual income tax returns, Kenyan businesses can play an invaluable role in educating employees about the importance of filing their returns in time to comply with tax regulations and avoid penalties.

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Services companies can unlock a better customer experience

07 June 2018

Addressing the challenges of productivity, customer service and compliance begins with the implementation of an appropriate business solution. Many of the typical challenges faced by services companies are the result of inefficient, outdated or siloed technology systems.

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Celebrating Africa’s innovative spirit, growth & resilience on #AfricaDay

24 May 2018

As gatekeepers and processors of personal data, HR and People teams have a crucial role to play. So, as time is ticking before the new regulation is law, here’s a check list of things you need to have actioned in preparation.

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