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10 Things HR professionals need to do before the GDPR comes into force

22 May 2018

As gatekeepers and processors of personal data, HR and People teams have a crucial role to play. So, as time is ticking before the new regulation is law, here’s a check list of things you need to have actioned in preparation.

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Sage Brings Popular Enterprise Management Summit to Seville

02 May 2018

More than 300 Sage Enterprise Channel partners gather to hear inspirational keynotes and product updates

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Admin stressing you out? Consider investing in an accounting solution

12 April 2018

Even if you’re running a one-man micro-business, an accounting solution can streamline your paperwork and number crunching so you can focus on your core business. With the right software, there are no more accounting worries!

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Paid leave for volunteering: it’s about more than giving back

12 April 2018

If you’ve ever donated your personal time to help others, you’ve likely experienced what psychologists call the ‘Helper’s High’, or the feeling of euphoria we experience when we help others. It’s addictive and we want to experience it again and again.

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How effective business solutions can help African distribution companies to grow

10 April 2018

From volatile foreign exchange rates to complex customs clearance procedures to unreliable logistics, African distribution companies face a range of challenges. At the same time, they have great opportunities to grow by meeting the continent’s increasing appetite for consumer goods from FMCG brands to electronics.

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The clock is ticking for African companies to get ready for the General Data Protection Regulation

04 April 2018

A new data privacy and protection framework called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect across the European Union on 25 May this year – and it will change the game for African businesses, too. If your business based in Africa handles personal data about European residents and citizens, you will be expected to comply, even if you do not have a direct presence in Europe.

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East African Agri-businesses: How farmers can boost their global competitiveness through tech

29 March 2018

East African food and agricultural businesses can elevate their productivity and profitability by adopting modern business management solutions that enable them to streamline business processes and get better visibility into business performance. However, they need to adopt solutions that are tailored to the needs of their niche in the agriculture market, whether that is coffee, cattle or citrus.

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Cash flow an issue? 5 Top tips to keep the cash flowing

22 March 2018

Cash flow problems—more money going out of the business than is coming in— are among the most significant reasons that Nigerian companies go out of business. Cash flow isn’t simply about sales or profits—it’s also about your business expenditure and your ability to collect money owing to you.

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Sharpening African manufacturers’ competitive edge with technology

20 March 2018

African countries from South Africa to Ethiopia to Nigeria are pinning some of their hope for economic growth and job creation on industrialisation. With its young population, dynamic growth and rapidly improving infrastructure, sub-Saharan Africa has the potential to become a manufacturing powerhouse in the years to come.

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