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Accounting and payroll automation can help Namibian businesses

26 February 2018

Namibian government is likely to clamp down hard on non-compliant taxpayers over the next few years as it strives to reduce the debt to GDP ratio following a difficult period for the country’s economy. That means Namibian businesses must ensure that their systems and processes are fully compliant with the laws and regulations around collection of PAYE and VAT.

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Be in control: Reasons why your (growing) small business needs formal tools and systems to win in the market

20 February 2018

As the owner of a small and growing business, the daily hustle of making money and meeting people means you don’t have much time think about formal systems or processes.

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Why internships are good for your small business

01 February 2018

This is the reality that thousands of school-leavers now face as they enter the working world – it’s new territory and there’s a lot they don’t know.

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Married or single: how to thrive as a female entrepreneur

12 January 2018

Recent research suggests that married women are more likely to be successful entrepreneurs than single women.
The assumption is that, because married women – or women with partners – have more financial support and help with family and household responsibilities, the pressure and demands of starting a business are easier to manage.

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Could you be doing it wrong

11 January 2018

Often, CSR programmes are implemented through ad hoc, unrelated activities, whose positive effects are short-lived. Once-off, annual events are seen as an extension of marketing activities to show that the business has ticked the ‘good corporate citizen’ box but this approach does not have a lasting impact.

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Payroll compliance high on the agenda

14 December 2017

The Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax year-end is looming in most East African territories, and governments are clamping down on non-compliance among businesses and individual taxpayers as they strive to raise more funding for public spending.

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Tax Year End: Is your business PAYE compliant

14 December 2017

West African governments are clamping down on non-compliance among business and individual taxpayers as they strive to improve their low tax-to-GDP ratios or internally generated revenues.

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Holiday season survival guide for Nigerian businesses

06 December 2017

As a business owner, the holiday season is either your busiest or quietest trading time, depending on your location and type of business. No matter which camp you fall into, there are a few things you can do to prepare your business for the rush (or slowdown), so that you start 2018 on a high note.

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Making child’s play out of entrepreneurship

23 November 2017

Becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own business is not usually top of mind for children. Yet, it’s been estimated that, in five years’ time, more than 40% of the American workforce will be freelancers, part-timers or otherwise self-employed. South Africa will likely follow suit.

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