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Business on the go: how Kenyan small businesses can stay ahead

08 August 2017

Kenya's general election is around the corner (8 August), and everyone is getting ready for the big day. But even as the government and the
public prepare for elections, we don't hear much about what Small & Medium Businesses are doing to protect themselves against any slowdown in business or potential disruptions to their day-to-day operations.

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Thinking of starting a side-business? Here’s how

07 August 2017

Nigerians are full of entrepreneurial energy, with Small and Medium businesses contributing around 47% of GDP. More and more Nigerians are choosing to run more than one small business, and many others hold down a paid job while running a small hustle on the side.

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How to make meetings bearable for millennials (and everyone else)

01 August 2017

Could you not help but think back to when you were that age, when you diligently recorded appointments in paper diaries; when you paid attention to every word that was spoken during long internal meetings; when email and mobiles were only just entering the workplace and collaboration was a face-to-face exercise?

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The Ethics of Code: Developing AI for Business with Five Core Principles

24 July 2017

The 'Ethics of Code' are designed to protect the user and to ensure that tech giants, such as Sage, are building AI that is safe,
secure, fits the use case and most importantly is inclusive and reflects the diversity of the users it serves.

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Digital culture shock: HR's new role in the age of automation

20 July 2017

Automation in HR is more prevalent than ever before with companies all over the world embracing the rise of new technology trends.

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VAIDS is a golden opportunity for Nigerian companies to regularise their tax affairs

14 July 2017

Nigerian companies and entrepreneurs that don’t have their tax affairs in order should act now to take advantage of the government’s
Voluntary Assets and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS)

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Tanzanian businesses need future-proofing in an age of relentless change

13 July 2017

The rise of digital technology, globalisation and inequality all pose challenges for Tanzanian companies trying to keep pace with a rapidly evolving environment - a topic I'm discussing at the Sage Future-proof Your Business event in Tanzania on 13 July.

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Sage launches Sage One Payroll and Sage One Invoicing in Nigeria

03 July 2017

Sage, the market and technology leader for integrated accounting, payroll & HR and payment systems, today announced that Sage One Payroll and Sage One Invoicing is available in Nigeria. Designed to help small businesses focus on what really matters, these software solutions give business builders the freedom to run their businesses anywhere, anytime.

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Industry 4.0 – How West African businesses can get ahead

29 June 2017

The next industrial revolution has arrived in Africa, and it will help make businesses of all sizes more efficient, productive and profitable. This fourth industrial revolution could help power West African companies to become major global players. However, the big question is – how will this help transform your business?

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