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Revolutionise the way that you engage your employees. Replace your paper payslip with a secure, interactive, electronic InfoSlip.

Issuing an employee with an InfoSlip is about more than just saving money; it is about:

  • Communicating with the people of your organisation – your most important asset
  • Building a strong association with your employees through corporate branding
  • Exceeding your employees’ expectations
  • Highlighting your employees’ full benefits so that you don’t lose them to other companies

InfoSlips transform the paper payslip into a digital total compensation statement. Employees that use InfoSlips experience an interactive document that allows them to manage leave, query transactions, drill through to detail on earnings, deductions and company contributions information.


Did you know you can access your infoslip using our desktop app, mobile app or directly online using any device? We offer you convenience at your fingertips. Try Infoslips today.

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