Sage Pastel Partner Advantage Features for African Countries

Sage Africa 

Microsoft Office 365 Integration*

Sage Contact

The Sage Contact add-on is accessed from Microsoft Outlook. It surfaces “at-a-glance”. Partner V18 specific information about a contact (customer or supplier) with no need to switch between different applications.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup integrates directly into Partner V18, enabling you to schedule backups and configure notifications from the desktop.

* Integration with Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium only. 

Scheduled Invoicing

If you process identical invoices month after month for the same customers, or you have different invoicing dates for batches of customers with the same invoices, then Scheduled Invoicing is the process that you require to manage your batches

With scheduled invoicing you can link customers to a specific invoice and select a specific date, be it weekly, monthly or annually to invoice these customers. This is only available in Sage Pastel Partner V17.



The Multi-Currency module allows you to process with multiple currencies.

Sage Pastel Partner has the following multi-currency capabilities:

  • Process in up to 30 currencies.
  • Set up to 3 decimal digits per currency.
  • Use up to three characters per currency symbol.
  • Create foreign currency customers & suppliers and produce statements and remittances in the customer’s /supplier’s currency.
  • Invoice foreign currency customers / suppliers in their currency, and view and print invoices in your home currency, or in the customer's /supplier's currency.
  • Produce price lists in any currency.
  • Create foreign currency bank accounts / cash books, and process these accounts in their own currencies.
  • Create and update exchange rate tables for each currency at any time.
  • Produce financial statements and other reports in any currency.
  • Levy tax on foreign currency transactions if necessary.
  • Revalue foreign currency balances at any time


Storage and transactional power

Get the most out of our accounting and business management solution. Store 5 years of transactional data, and work current financial year records as well as the previous financial year’s data. Rest assured that your business will remain compliant with SARS requirements, with Sage Pastel Partner Advantage.


User and company licences

Sage Pastel Partner Advantage is purchased with an annual licence fee, which is renewed on a yearly basis. Along with your software licence (for up to 20 users and unlimited companies), you’ll also get unlimited software support from our experts via telephone or email. And, you’ll get free software upgrades to ensure you’re working on our most up-to-date software.


Sage Pastel Accounting anywhere you go

Now you can manage your business and do your accounting no matter where you are, with our new mobile app. Sage Pastel Mobility means you can still be productive while on the road – as well as finding customers close to where you are.


Forms Assistant

Create professional looking documents and statements in a few easy clicks.


Favourites Option

Add your favourite or most used options to our new Favourites option which we have added to the menu bar to allow for easy access. Easily customise the order of these options within the Favourites menu for even more convenience.


Sage Pastel Intelligence (BIC)

Get a bird’s-eye-view on your business performance with Sage’s Intelligent Business Reporting. Select and customise your reports based on our eight management report templates, to only show the data you need – data that will show you what matters, identify new trends, and give you room for analysis and insights.


Bank Manager

Automated bank reconciliations means less time spent on manual recons and fewer errors made. Save time by linking your bank accounts to Sage Pastel Partner Advantage with Bank Manager, and let the software do all the work for you.


General Ledger

Take advantage of the General Ledger feature for an overview of how your business is performing financially.


Inventory management

Keep track of your inventory and manage your stock, ensuring your customer service expectations can be met and you never run out.


Import Cost Allocations

Don’t get caught unawares – the Import Cost Allocations module will calculate import costs you’re liable for and automatically incorporate those costs into your pricing.


Project Tracking

Track projects, allocate transactions to their projects, create income statements for projects, and filter reports per project.


Report Writer

Use the report writer to allow each user to customise reports and layouts across every module in Sage Pastel Partner Advantage.

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