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Sage Enterprise Intelligence enables you to generate valuable insights by cutting through the noise of your data. Identify problem areas and take advantage of new opportunities..

Product Featurees

Easily share and collaborate

Communicate the critical information between teams and across your company. Generate reports based on a predefined schedule, or grab snapshots of relevant information to send as email attachments to your colleagues and collaborators.
Product Featurees

Find the diamonds in the rough

Your company generates a vast amount of data every day – from sales and marketing activities, to internal processes, accounting and finances, to customer service interactions, ecommerce, and other exchanges of information. Sage Intelligence integrates with your Business Management Solution to sift through your data and give you real-time information that you can draw insights from. See the trends and identify your problem areas, then get to work on fixing them.
Product Featurees

Share the power of data analysis

Provide multiple user access and allow others to generate their own reports. There is no advanced expertise required and you can leverage their existing skills because reporting can be carried out on MS Excel. Multiple users can access Sage Enterprise Intelligence through a desktop interface or via their mobile devices.
Product Featurees

Support your decision making with hard data

Sage Enterprise Intelligence gives business owners, managers and executives access to company data, which can analysed according to KPIs and via personalised dashboards. It will provide insight into the data that’s important to you and your company role.