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Use flexible reporting to revolutionise the way you do business. Sage Evolution Intelligence Reporting gives all-over business visibility and adds gravity to your decision making.

Product Featurees

A library of ready-to-use reports

Choose from a range of existing reports that are already formatted, then run the report by only selecting the information that’s relevant to your report. You can either use an existing report or customise a new one.
Product Featurees

Extensive reporting features

Make use of the Report Viewer to run existing real-time reports; while the Report Manager allows you to edit and customise standard reports. The Report Designer gives you full customisation and design of new reports, depending on your Excel experience and the reporting requirements of your business. The Connector gives you access to your information, to consolidate it from a variety of data sources.
Product Featurees

Focus on what is important

Prior to reporting tools like Sage Evolution Intelligence Reporting, business owners would have to gather all the data themselves, from which to draw reports. Now, thanks to filtering and automated reporting, you can focus on the analysis and interpretation of the reports – putting your time where it’s most useful.
Product Featurees

Get a complete visual of your company in Excel

The data you’ve selected for your report can be viewed in Excel in the form of charts, graphs and slicers that give you a detailed visual snapshot of what is happening in your business.