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These reports are delivered via MS Excel, which means you’ll already be familiar with the platform and be able to immediately focus on analysis and insights. Fully customisable with the ability to drill down, you can access these reports at any time from Intelligence Reporting or import them into Excel to manipulate them. Use our library of templates to generate customised reports to meet the requirements of your business.


All Financial Reports

  • Get a number of different layouts with this report template and generate balance sheets and/or income statements for any specified period.
  • Layouts are generated, grouped, and subtotalled automatically per account group.
  • You’ll also be able to drill down to the general ledger transactions for any of these accounts.


Financial Report Designer Report

  • This kind of report allows users to generate layouts based on Sage Pastel Partner data using general ledger accounts within specific parameters.
  • The new features of the revamped report designer include a task pane and enhanced layout generator, which gives you control over designing your own reports. Income statements and balance sheet layouts can be generated automatically after row configuration.


Income Statements

  • Actual vs Budget
    This report displays balances based on general ledger accounts per specified financial periods, which shows actual, budget, and prior year numbers, as well as year-to-date data.
  • Actual vs Prior
    This report displays balances based on general ledger accounts per the specified financial period – but includes actual and prior financial years and the year-to-date comparison.
  • Current vs YTD
    This report displays a comparison of the general ledger account between the current period, the YTD and the prior year.


Balance Sheet – Actual & Prior YTD Report

  • This report displays general ledger balances per account number, for the financial period of the current year and the previous financial year.


Sales Analysis Report

  • This report can show you any important sales data – from the freight amount to the average selling unit, total costs, sales tax, total sales and profiles – filtered by customer and line description.
  • It can also display gross profit and gross margin based on customers or line descriptions, and filtered based on the month and year at run-time.


Purchase Analysis

  • This report shows you Quantity purchased, as well as the Purchase Amount grouped by Vendor, per Product, within a certain date range.
  • It also shows each supplier’s purchase cost information and the item number for the selected date range. There are a number of ways in which the data can be filtered – that’s up to you.


Dashboard Analysis

  • Get summarised financials, customer sales, and product sales for the month, with the Dashboard Analysis report template.
  • Perform daily and long-term planning with the display of Top Customers and Items, and Bottom Items, in text and image formats.
  • See profit and loss figures for current month, as well as YTD figures.
  • Get further insights by drilling down into the given data.

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