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Enterprise Management is an innovative business management solution geared to improve productivity in distribution, manufacturing, goods, and services industries.

  • Ideal for mid-market to enterprise sized companies
  • Reporting and BI are fully integrated
  • Fast implementation

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Product Featurees

Fast and efficient business management

Enterprise Management is a cohesive BMS system, which improves the speed at which your core business processes are run – whether you are working from the cloud or locally on premises.
Product Featurees

Flexible business management solution

Whether on desktop or mobile, Enterprise Management is fully accessible and simple to use. And if you’re working across borders and currencies, you’ll find that our software is compatible with your international business setup.
Product Featurees

More efficient HR

Tied into your operational management is the HR function, which allows you to manage the cost and efficiency of your workforce. Automate repetitive process such as payroll, on-boarding and hiring, and training. Minimise the cost and time of admin tasks by giving employees and managers access to the system.
Product Featurees

Reporting and business intelligence

Enterprise Management comes with built-in business object tools and a selection of predefined reports to collate all your business data and access it when you need it. Sage Intelligence and Sage Enterprise Intelligence come with advanced features that can be added on to your Enterprise Management core – giving you business insights that can be turned into great returns.
Product Featurees

See it all from a dashboard

Simplifying your workspace, Enterprise Management displays KPIs in a dashboard format based on real-time information. You’ll be able to get a bird’s eye view of operations across the company, which will give you fast and accurate decision-making power. See the data and take quick action.