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From leads to customers, and all the marketing and sales in between, as well as ongoing customer service, Sage CRM will help you to grow your business relationships and total ROI.

  • Simple navigation and easy-to-use interface
  • Mobile access of a complete CRM system, anytime, anywhere
  • Customisable and scalable CRM solution

Sage CRM gives you a more efficient way to manage your customer relationships, from first point of contact right down to post-sale ongoing customer service

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Product Featurees

Better customer service

Sage CRM will ensure that you meet your customers’ SLAs and build on long-term relationships for better opportunities and repeat business.
Product Featurees

Create long-term customer relationships

Build your business by building and improving the relationships you have with your leads and customers. Organise and automate the points of contact and the communications between your business and your customers, with all the relevant customer-facing departments.
Product Featurees

Get the most out of your CRM resources

Improve the way you do business by making sure that your resources in sales, marketing and customer services are being optimised for full effectiveness.
Product Featurees

Integration with BMS

Sage CRM fully integrates with Sage’s other business management solutions, giving you not only a complete view of your business, but also the impact your customer-facing activities have on operations.
Product Featurees

Make use of insights

Using existing data, you’ll be able to identify any problems or pain points and address them before they cost you any new customers or a bad service reputation. The CRM tool also provides your staff with all the resources necessary to deliver exceptional customer service.
Product Featurees

Reduce expenditure and cross-sell

Sage CRM reduces your CPA, or cost of marketing leads and sales, while also giving you insight into cross-selling opportunities from existing customers.