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An intuitive CRM system

Sage CRM brings businesses an intuitive software solution that is easy to learn, use as well as update. It’s perfect for growing businesses, in which you and your team can set up and use within minutes.
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CRM means business mobility

In this day and age, business can be done in an office or on the go, and isn’t limited to typical office hours. Sage mobile CRM means you have access to up-to-date business information, so you can analyse information and prepare for meetings while in transit. Your sales team can manage their sales activities and follow up with leads, identify issues and solve problems on their mobile devices; while customer service issues can be managed while on your client site.

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Effective cross-team collaboration

Sage CRM gives your teams access to one information platform and database where they can collaborate effectively, sharing business information, and ensuring their business processes make them more productive and efficient.

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Get valuable insight into your business

Your successful business requires ongoing up-to-date data, sales analysis, as well as marketing and customer service performance, to ensure that management can make decisions based on KPIs, and take corrective action if necessary.

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Provide tools of success to your team

Whether customer service staff or sales and marketing professionals, Sage CRM supports your staff with a solution that enables fast and efficient work. Your customer service team will be able to effectively manage customer service cases; sales will be able to proactively identify sales and cross-selling opportunities; and marketing will be able to get faster ROI from managed campaigns.

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Sage CRM can be adapted to suit your business

Sage CRM was designed to meet today’s business needs, but be flexible and adaptive enough for tomorrow’s business growth. It’s a software solution that caters to multiple areas in your company and allows the establishment of standard workflows around these areas, to ensure your business requirements for efficiency and effectiveness are met. Sage CRM is flexible enough to ensure you get the most out of this valuable investment.

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Smarter faster sales

Sage CRM assists you and your sales team to review the stages of your sales deals, to know you’re working on the right leads, while shortening sales cycles and increasing your revenue opportunities. Sage CRM provides access to so much data on your sales pipeline, key opportunities, as well as account activity, which your sales team can use to improve the efficiency and performance of their selling.

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