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Enterprise Management HR

A user-friendly and flexible HR management solution for more effective people management.

Product Featurees

Efficiency and cost control

Give your managers the tools to enhance business performance by integrating HR with financial management; allowing them to forecast present and future costs, and using automated workflows for more streamlined operations.
Product Featurees

Integrated or stand-alone HR solution

You can choose to use Enterprise Management HR as a stand-alone core HR solution for your business or integrate it with Enterprise Management HR BMS, giving you a flexible solution for your human resource management needs.
Product Featurees

Manage and track skills development

Document, track, and manage your workforce’s skill levels, development plans, training schedules and results, and effectively tie this into their performance management and records.
Product Featurees

Powerful reporting and analytics features

Capture, manipulate, analyse and present data in a simple-to-use dashboard, showing queries from any level and any module. Choose from a library of existing reports, and generate insights with which to inform decision-making.
Product Featurees

Visibility and compliance

This integrated system allows you to provide real-time data for both internal and external stakeholders to ensure compliance requirements are being met. Document management tools, dashboard displays, and self-service functionality and reporting mean maximum visibility and reliable data.
Product Featurees

Taking care of personnel

Keep comprehensive records of your employees and their employment history, maintain legal documentation and contracts, and any regulatory requirements like employment permits and wellness status.