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Manage employees, records and cost control with this powerful, simple and flexible HR management solution.



Integrate Enterprise Management HR with Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management HR seamlessly and conveniently integrates with Enterprise Management – a perfect synergy for mid- and enterprise-size companies wanting to manage employee cost while gaining visibility and efficiency. Enterprise Management HR gives you complete HR management in one solution, integrating the HR function with the business management of Enterprise Management HR.


Compliance and visibility

Ensure your business is compliant with the relevant legislation, and have the capability to provide real-time, secure HR information for all stakeholders. The document management, self-service intelligence and reporting tools, powered by dashboards, make reporting a breeze, and meet the requirements for persistent organisational compliance.


Engage your employees


Enterprise Management HR's self-service HR processes, you’ll be able to manage employee development with better access to performance information, and generate higher employee engagement and retention. Get a global view of your team, their skills and performance, and integrate your talent into your business strategy.


Serve your mobile workforce

Give your mobile workforce access to HR services, ensuring that they can manage KPIs and HR management functions from anywhere on their mobile device. Your managers can make decisions on the go, tending to HR tasks while still driving your business forward.


Personnel administration made simpler

Enterprise Management HR gives administrators and managers complete employee records and histories, with pre-onboarding review options, and the generation of contracts and legal documents. HR managers can also capture health checkup, work permit and monitoring records.


Payroll features, and payroll and budget forecasting

Use Enterprise Management HR to prepare and process payroll, annual reports, accounting, payment management, and expenses, time and activity tracking. Plan your employee budget, portfolios, company segmentation, and manage time and activities. Monitor employee attendance and manage their sick and annual leave, and plan for staff emergencies. Manage work hours, shifts and cycles, as well as bonus allocation and leave entitlement.


Manage skills and competencies

Map and track employees’ skills and competencies, and map and define their job roles, including skills requirements and KPIs. This information can then be used to determine their performance management requirements – skills assessments, training programmes and internal skills transfer plans.


Performance interviews and appraisals

Use employee information to set up, monitor, and appraise work goals and achievements, with Enterprise Management HR's performance assessment tools. Employees can also use the self-service portal to contribute to their performance appraisals, which can begin the performance dialogue.


Training allocation and management

The Budget Wizard can be used to define employee and department training plans and budgets, by inputting (or auto-detecting) training needs and requests. Use the training module to determine the training path, as well as track and monitor training actions. Employees can also use the self-service portal to access the training catalogue.


Profits sharing options

Use Enterprise Management HR to incentivise good performance by offering employees rewards in the company’s performance and successes. The distribution of profit-share incentives can be calculated, with automated letters being published to inform employees of their remuneration in this regard.


Expenses management

Manage your expenses lifecycle on the Enterprise Management HR portal, making use of the online forms and self-service processes to ensure compensation for travel expenses according to the proper policy and workflow.


Analytics, dashboards and reporting

Use the built-in query tools to generate data from any level and provide input into decision-making. The dashboards with standard workforce KPIs, as well as a library of predefined reports, can centralise and deliver data on demand, to aid HR professionals with their decision-making and instantly provide managers with performance information.

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