Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage Training

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Improve your knowledge and skills on Sage Pastel Xpress, which are necessary to perform a bookkeeping function on Sage Pastel Xpress Version 14.


Gain the requisite knowledge and skills to perform as a bookkeeper to trial balance function on Sage Pastel Xpress. This comprehensive training course will provide you with the requisite skills for Version 14.


Course Outline
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Target Learners

This course is best suited for learners who currently use Sage Pastel Xpress and want to improve their skills. Also, learners who have a basic grasp of bookkeeping and want to apply this knowledge to a computer-based system.



The course runs over three days (18 hours).


Delivery Methods

Learn new Sage Pastel Xpress skills and knowledge through self-study methods and facilitated workshops.


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