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What accounting software can do for you.

Accounting software, or bookkeeping software, automates, organizes, and integrates typical financial transactions, helping a business run more smoothly every day.

Save time

By automating what are typically manual processes, accounting software helps you get more work done in less time.

Greater accuracy

Once it’s set up, accounting software reduces the likelihood of errors. Automatic calculations and common sets of data mean fewer mistakes.

Better decision-making

With virtually instant reporting and analysis, you can quickly see the big picture. Accounting software gives you information to act on.

Get organized

Saving, organizing, and retrieving your financial data – like invoices, credits, returns, and more – is much easier with accounting software.

Manage your cash

With accounting software, it’s easier to run "what if" scenarios and forecast your cash needs now and into the future.

Control your expenses

Accounting software makes it easy to record bills, take payments, write checks, track credits and returns – even analyze your vendors to negotiate the best prices.

Advantages of accounting software

Accounting software helps you record entries, cut checks, analyze reports, reconcile purchase orders and invoices, and even track for 1099 reporting. And it’s all integrated with your business data.
Let customers pay as they please so you get paid faster by using accounting software to take payments and automatically record transactions.
Even for small businesses, accounting software makes it easier to submit, manage, process, approve, and access expenses – saving you both time and money.
Take the hassle out of payday. Whether you are looking to bring payroll in-house or are ready to hand it over, using accounting software to integrate the process simplifies paying employees, filing taxes and staying compliant.
Whether you’re tracking, replenishing, re-pricing, or just balancing inventory costs and benefits, accounting software makes it easy to find and use the information you need.

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No two companies are alike. Each has its own set of ambitions, goals and markets, which is why you need a powerful, flexible accounting software. Sage celebrates those differences, and delivers powerful, flexible accounting products to address them.


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