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Sage Business Cloud Accounting (formerly Sage One) Lorna Syson

"It's amazing that I can manage everything online with Sage Business Cloud. Sage have 24 hour, seven days a week support…they're friendly, they're nice."
Lorna Syson, London, United Kingdom

Lorna Syson is an interior accessories design and manufacturing business that draws inspiration from the British countryside.

"I'm a sole trader, and although its a business it is very much me, its got my heart and soul in it," Lorna explains, "When things go wrong I take it to heart. I want to make things right. They go hand in hand; when the business is going well, everything's going well. When something is wrong, I take it home with me."

Lorna built the business herself, and moved to London after a year of trading. After a further 18 months, she moved into her own premises where she now designs and makes all of her products.

"The business is expanding, and my biggest challenge is working out the best way to facilitate that expansion, the best places to invest, the best places to save money, and how to organise everything."

Lorna uses Sage Business Cloud Accounting to manage her business finances and also uses Sage Business Cloud to take payments from her customers.

"It's amazing that I can manage everything online with Sage Business Cloud Accounting. When I go places, I can do work on the go. When I arrive and work with the client, I can look back at all their past orders, when they've paid and get a complete history."

"Sage have 24 hour, seven days a week support, so I can ring them up if things go wrong and they're friendly, they're nice. They understand small businesses and they don't speak down to you. They treat you how you would treat your own customers."

Sage Business Cloud
Sage One is our cloud accounting and payroll product for start-up and small businesses. It makes bookkeeping and payroll simple and easy, allowing our customers to concentrate on building successful businesses. We also have an edition for accountants, which lets them access and edit their client's books and records in the cloud.

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Vesta Stoves

"Sage Business Cloud Accounting enables us to have a truly mobile office"

John Stanley, Managing Director, Vesta Stoves

Vesta Stoves is a small family business that has been producing wood burning stoves for the past 19 years. They build stoves in their factory, ‘The IronWorks' which is based in Rufford, Lancashire UK.

"Every part of our wood burning stoves is built on site so we have total control over the finished quality. The IronWorks is open to all who wish to visit and see our stoves being constructed and burning in our factory outlet."

John has been using Sage Business Cloud Accounting for the past 3 years.

"Our accountant recommended Sage Business Cloud Accounting so he could login and review or make changes from his office. We were up and running within a day or so and found it so easy to use. It's really helped us streamline our business and enables us to have a truly mobile office."

"With our online chat system on our website I can be chatting with a customer from anywhere in the world and input orders into Sage Business Cloud which are then displayed in the factory and entered into the production run."

"I also know that the data is safe and backed up. All my email accounts are handled by Google and we use Gmail as our main business email solution. The ability to backup Sage Business Cloud Accounting invoices in Google Drive is a great feature that you can be writing an email and simply click insert Google Drive file and send the pre-formatted invoice. It just adds to the whole Sage Business Cloud Accounting experience."

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting key facts:

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting was developed with customers at its heart. Sole traders, small business owners and accountants have all been involved from the beginning in shaping the feature set, design and language.
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting is one of the industry's best value for money accounting software packages: no upfront costs, no installation charges, no maintenance or support fees and free, automatic upgrades. The Sage Business Cloud Accounting pricing model is well suited to business owners who want to spread costs and manage their cash flow.
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting has been built from scratch, using Sage's deep expertise and the latest web technologies to address specific customer pain points.
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting has a simple, flexible architecture with an appealing look and feel, developed using Ruby on Rails. It is designed to support both Mac and PC and features highly customisable options.
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