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Sage Payment Solutions Electronics, Inc

"Once we had the system up and running, it worked really well and satisfied all my goals”
Kara Schmucker, Treasurer, Electronics, Inc – Mishawaka, Indiana, USA

Electronics, Inc. is a global industrial electronic equipment manufacturing company that primarily serves automotive, medical and aerospace businesses. They have used Sage 100 Standard ERP since 2004.

Electronics, Inc. realised that their system of entering credit card orders into a standalone point of sale (“POS”) terminal wasn’t working. “There wasn’t a system of good checks and balances in the process,” explains Kara Schmucker, Treasurer, “Too many people were using the system, and I had concerns that money was falling through the cracks. I saw evidence of this in the bank reconciliations, which weren’t balancing, because some transactions weren’t being entered into Sage 100.”

Integrating Sage Virtual Terminal with Sage 100 helped Electronics Inc. to reduce errors, gain better visibility over receipts, exercise greater control of the payments process, and improve security.

“Once we had the system up and running, it worked really well and satisfied all my goals. I would highly recommend Sage’s integrated payments solution to businesses using Sage 100.”

Sage Payment Solutions

  • Sage Payment Solutions is our North American payments business, which provides e-commerce, card-holder present and merchant acquirer services.
  • Sage Virtual Terminal is just one of the ways our customers can take payments electronically and seamlessly integrate transaction data into their accounting system.
  • All of our payments solutions are robust, secure, reliable and are accessible 24/7.
  • Our online Sage Exchange platform consolidates all payment activity into one place, giving our customers a complete picture of the cash they’re collecting in real time.

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