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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) Power Distribution LLC

"We are a numbers-driven company. Having the ability to dive deeply into our sales, purchasing, and inventory data and analyse that data in various ways is paramount. We need to react to changing conditions rapidly, and the data we get from Sage Business Cloud helps us do that."
Fran Taglia, Power Distribution LLC

Universal Paper and Plastics

"Planning production on Sage Business Cloud has saved us a lot of time, and we're much more accurate."
David Sher, GM of Universal Paper and Plastics Johannesburg, South Africa

Universal Paper and Plastics is a nationwide supplier of printed napkins, bathroom tissue, kitchen towels and related products. They turned to Sage Business Cloud for their core needs, but wanted greater inventory management capability to help improve forecasting.

"We supply over 400 stock keeping units to chain stores around the country," explains David Sher, GM of Universal Paper and Plastics, "We maintain a 48 to 72 hour lead time for orders, so it is critical that we have stock where we need it, when we need it. Before Sage Business Cloud, everything was done manually. We had Excel spreadsheets and sales reports pulled from old systems which we would manually analyse and forecast three to six months ahead."

Universal Paper and Plastics was recommended Sage Inventory Advisor, which is a cloud-based service available via an internet browser and mobile app, by their business partner.

"The module gathers historic data from Sage Business Cloud and uses it to model expected inventory behaviour, identifying potential shortfalls ahead of time and reducing overstocking and waste."

"On its own it is more of a visual tool. We do all our work in Sage Business Cloud if we need to know how much stock we'll need for the next three months, Sage Business Cloud projects that based on figures from Sage Inventory Advisor. Planning production on Sage Business Cloud has saved us a lot of time, and we're much more accurate."

Sage Business Cloud
Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management is our global solution for the mid-market and is a key part of our technology strategy. It is a powerful solution for businesses that need to manage a range of functions, including manufacturing, purchasing, inventory, sales, warehousing, CRM and finance.

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