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From the CEO and CFO

A message from Stephen Kelly and Steve Hare

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Our investment case

Our new generation software helps to drive today's business builders. The “Golden Triangle” of seamlessly integrated solutions for Accounting, Payroll & Human Capital Management and Payments automates workflow and the movement of money.

Golden triangle

Our ecosystem is the network of partners and platforms which we work with across 23 countries to service our three million customers.

Unrivalled ecosystem

We target free cash conversion of revenue in the 15% - 20% range which supports our progressive dividend policy. We are one of very few businesses in the FTSE 100 that have delivered an increased ordinary dividend every year since 1999.

Sustainable returns

Meeting growth opportunities...

White space

White space

Of the 72 million Small & Medium Businesses in the countries where we operate, only around one in 10 currently uses a purchased software solution to manage their accounting and payroll processes.

The cloud

The cloud

Cloud applications are key to reaching this white space, allowing the consumer to purchase instantly online, without installation, via a standard web-browser and with limited configuration.

Evolving technology

Evolving technology

Technology evolves rapidly and business needs are becoming ever more mobile and social led. Sage’s suite of cloud accounting products means customers can do business from the palm of their hand.

Customer-led strategy

Customer-led strategy

Our privileged and trusted position with small and medium businesses is enhanced by over 30,000 conversations we have with our customers each day.

Fragmented market

Fragmented market

Sage operates in a relatively fragmented market, with the top three providers accounting for only around one quarter of market spend. Our ambition is to grow our position as a global market leader.

...across our markets...

68 million businesses in our markets.

Only around one-in-10 businesses of this size use dedicated software to manage their accounting and payroll processes.


4 million businesses in our markets.

Most businesses have solutions to maintain appropriate records and perform multiple functions.


150,000 businesses in our markets.

Businesses are more complex and often require extensive, multi-functional, cross-border solutions.


...with the right products

Accounting products from start-up, through scale up, to enterprise.

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Our strategy

Providing exceptional experiences

Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do to provide exceptional experiences.

This involves providing choice, indispensable advice and the right product for the customer – however they want to deploy their solution.

See how we’re helping to build the businesses of our long-term customers...

Working collaboratively

Our people and our culture, working collaboratively with pace and agility to put our customers first.

This means keeping customers at the heart of everything we do and focusing on their success, always striving to over‑achieve.

One Sage

Growing our market share

Outpacing the competition to gain market share and sustain our ambition to be the leader in our chosen markets.

Our purpose is to serve the world's business builders. Providing the very best technology and services, combined with an emotive brand strategy that puts people at the heart of our operations, will unlock huge opportunities for growth.

See how we’re winning in the market with our cloud accounting product, Sage One...

Increasing efficiencies

Building a single, united operating model, increasing efficiencies and synergy to drive superior growth.

This means reducing unnecessary cost from back office functions to reinvest in the go-to-market model.

Capacity for growth

Simplifying customers’ lives

Innovation and exciting technology are at the heart of Sage’s strategy.

We deliver the latest solutions through our ecosystem of partners and third-party applications to our nations of business builders, giving them the technology they deserve so they can focus on adding value to their company.

See how we’re revolutionising business with our award-winning cloud accounting product, Sage Live...

Doing business the right way


Small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs: we keep our customers at the heart of everything we do at Sage.


Attracting and retaining the right people is essential at Sage. We treat our colleagues with respect and encourage collaboration through the one Sage strategic pillar.


Our communities are important to us and we want to see them thrive. Sage Foundation was established in June 2015 and provides an opportunity for Sage to engage with and give back to the community.

The wider environment

In addition to adhering to local laws we are committed to reducing energy use and increasing recycling.

Notice of AGM 2017

The twenty-ninth Annual General Meeting of The Sage Group plc will be held at 10am on Tuesday 28th February 2017 at North Park, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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As at 20 December 2016 (being the last practicable date prior to the publication of the notice of Annual General Meeting on 28 February 2017) the Company’s issued share capital consists of 1,119,618,567 ordinary shares, carrying one vote each, of which 39,522,431 are held in treasury. Therefore, the total exercisable voting rights in the Company as at 20 December 2016 are 1,080,096,136.