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Our business model

Growing economies rely on successful SME businesses. We’re committed to helping them achieve this success by being their most trusted supporter.

We’ve been dedicated to the success of SME businesses for over 30 years through the provision of localised products and services that help our customers to run their businesses with confidence.

Our support offering is a key strength and is highly valued because it gives our customers somewhere to turn if they have a technical problem, an accounting question or when they’re affected by legislative changes.

Our commitment to supporting our customers in this way, where we look to maintain ongoing and active relationships with them, differentiates us from other software vendors.

It also means we’ve built a strong base of recurring revenue that underpins 73% of our total revenue, which is derived from 1.8 million support, subscription and payments relationships that we have with customers across the world.

Ultimately, we have the resources, vision and resilience to be there for our customers over the long term as their businesses grow.Read our full business model.


Our unique selling points are the reasons why customers are attracted to Sage. We are a trusted brand amongst SMEs, have a strong accountant and partner ecosystem, we have localised products and services, we offer technology and pricing choice and first class support. 

Over the years, we’ve built a strong recurring revenue base by providing customers with additional services beyond their core software product, particularly through our support offering.

Software subscription offers us the opportunity to have closer relationships with more of our customers, particularly those who do not maintain a support contract and own their software product via a perpetual licence. This will help us to build on our existing base of over 450,000 software subscription contracts.

Technology and the cloud are changing how software is delivered and how businesses use their data. The new wave of value-adding services we are providing will help us to deepen the relationships we have with our customers and drive higher growth.

We aim to keep our customers for life by delivering them the complete, integrated suite of software, services and support. This helps us to deliver great experiences that make our customers want to stay with us as their businesses grow.