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Small businesses can share, store and collaborate using Sage One and Google Apps for Business.

Jason Savage Photography, USA, using Sage One

As a self-taught photographer, Jason Savage understands the need to travel light. Over the past few years he has turned his hobby into a successful business venture that takes him all over the world, making the ability to work and respond on the move vital.

Based in Montana, USA, Jason became a Sage customer in 2013 after finding other products aimed at businesses of his size too complex and not able to offer the mobility he needed.

“Having round the clock access to my finances whilst I’m out on a shoot is extremely valuable to me”, Jason explains. “I travel frequently and am sometimes on the road for long stretches, so being able to keep up with my accounts and my clients at the same time makes my job a lot easier.”

Jason uses Sage One in conjunction with Google Apps, which means he can access the documents that are essential to his business quickly and easily whilst collaborating and liaising with clients and suppliers in real time.

“Being mobile is paramount and working in this way gives me the freedom to manage my cash flow and send invoices from wherever I am, whether it’s on a laptop or my smartphone.”

Jason pays for Sage One on subscription, which is something that suits the requirements of his business well. “Paying in this way is great for me,” he says. “It’s less worrisome as there is no up-front expense.”

As a business owner Jason cites reliability, support and ease of use as the most important factors when choosing business software. “I chose Sage One because of its clean, simplistic layout and usability as well as its mobile features. The fact that my data is also automatically backed up to Google Drive from Sage One gives me extra reassurance and peace of mind.

“We have recently relocated and knowing that I have the support of helpful, informed people at the end of the phone if I ever need them is encouraging to me as a business owner.”