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Meeting customer needs Providing customers with first-class support

Meeting the people who are incredibly passionate about supporting SME businesses.

Sage customer support, UKI

Jim McGlen, Head of Customer Services for Start-Up and Small Business in the UKI, instils in his team that good customer service is about getting the basics right. “It’s being polite. It’s listening. It’s using your resources and expertise, and being truly passionate about our customers,” he explains. “At Sage we are focused on giving our customers a breath-taking experience – one that exceeds all expectations. We strive to deliver the kind of service that people will talk about in the days to come with their friends and colleagues.”

Our customer service employees undergo a rigorous training process that equips them with the knowledge they need in order to guide and support businesses in the right way. Lucy Hogg, customer support advisor for Sage One, has first-hand experience of this, “Teams are coached in every aspect of the job. When I joined Sage One I spent an intense five week period learning both the theory and the practice side of the role. A coach would sit with me and listen to my practice calls, reviewing what went well and what needed to be worked on.”

Lucy believes this training, combined with our commitment to helping customers run their businesses, sets us apart from other software companies. “When Real-Time Information, which was a new piece of legislation, was brought out there was a big initiative to help educate our customers in the changes that would affect their business. It is refreshing to work for a company that doesn’t just sell products but wants to be there for our customers, effectively acting as a helping hand to them.”

We are constantly changing and evolving the way that Sage delivers customer service based on what our customers are telling us, and our people are actively engaged in requesting feedback. For example, we introduced a 24/7 Sage One support line after recognising that customers do not always have the opportunity to contact us during normal working hours.

Lucy adds, “I’ve worked at some companies that are very inward facing – always focused on what they need to do to hit targets. At Sage the emphasis is definitely on ‘what do we need to do to help our customers more’. It is always about the customer and that is something that makes me incredibly proud to work here.”