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Acquisition table

Date Company Country Value Rationale
2017 Intacct Corporation US $850m Cloud accounting
2017 Fairsail Limited UK Undisclosed HCM Cloud
2014 PAI Group, Inc. ("PayChoice")  US $157.8m  Payroll
2014 Exact Software Deutschland GmbH Germany €16.25m Payroll
2012 Empresa Brasileria
de Sistemas Ltda
Brazil R$35m Emerging Market
2012 Cenize Informatica Ltda Brazil R$12.9m Emerging Market
2012 Folhamatic Brazil R$398m Emerging Market
2012 Integral Ireland €20m Payment Processing
2011 Alchemex South Africa £6.7m Business Intelligence
2010 Netcash South Africa ZAR 120m Payment Processing
2009 Aytos Spain €13m Accounting: Local Government Vertical
2008 API France €11m Accounting: Mid-market
2008 Aytos Spain £11m Not-for-profit: Vertical
2008 API Spain £11m Accounting: Vertical
2008 DCS Spain £1m Distribution: Vertical
2008 Eurowin Spain £11m Accounting: Entry level
2008 Tekton UK £21m Construction vertical
2007 XRT France £53m Treasury
2007 KCS UK £20m HR and payroll
2007 Snowdrop UK £17m HR and payroll
2007 Pro-Concept Switzerland £8m Accounting: Mid-market
2007 Creative Singapore, Malaysia £4m HR and payroll
2007 Xperts France £2m Industry specialism
2006 Emdeon US 315m Healthcare vertical
2006 Verus US £174m Payment processing
2006 Adonix France £98m Accounting: Mid-market
2006 Elit France £31m Transport and food distribution vertical
2006 Protx UK £20m Payment processing
2006 Bäurer Germany £16m Accounting: Mid-market, Retail & Manufacturing
2006 Master Builder/Contractor Anywhere US £16m Construction vertical
2006 UBS Malaysia £12m Accounting: Entry level (new territory)
2005 Logic Control Spain £56m Accounting: Mid-market
2005 Simultan Switzerland £11m Accounting: Payroll : Mid-market
2005 Symfonia Poland £10m Accounting: Entry level (new territory)
2005 Cogestib France £8m Distribution vertical
2004 ACCPAC US & Canada £76m Accounting: Mid-market
2004 Grupo SP Spain £55m Accounting: Entry level (new territory)
2004 Softline South Africa £53m Accounting: Entry level (new territory)
2004   Australia   Payroll, Accountants vertical (new territory)
2004 FLS US £10m HR and payroll
2003 Timberline US £54m Construction vertical
2002 CPASoftware US £9m Accountancy vertical
2001 Interact US £227m CRM
2001 MIP US £14m Not-for-profit Vertical
2000 Best US £270m Fixed asset, Payroll, HR
1999 Peachtree US £88m Accounting: Entry level
1999 Tetra UK £81m Accounting: Mid-market
1999 Sesam Switzerland £11m Accounting: Mid-market (new territory)
1998 State of the Art US £131m Accounting: Mid-market
1997 KHK Germany £46m Accounting: Mid-market (new territory)
1995 Sybel & Saari France £46m Accounting: Mid-market, becoming Sage France
1992 Ciel France £5m Accounting: Mid-market (new territory)
1991 DacEasy US £15m Accounting: Mid-market (new territory)