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What is Sage Foundation’s $1 million challenge?

Our challenge is based on 3 simple pledges:
1. We will raise $1,000,000 for charities who are building brighter futures for young people, women and military veterans in our brilliant communities.
2. We will empower our Sage community so that together we can rise to the challenge faster.
3. We will learn from and share the stories of the extraordinary people changing the lives for thousands of people, every single day.
And we’re not going to stop until we get there

How does it work?

We’ll set a series of challenge activities, open exclusively to Sage partners and customers; plus your teams, family and friends. And we’ll turbo-boost your donations by matching funds at every challenge activity.
Every step of the way you will be able to unlock our support so that even the smallest action, will have a big impact.

Support Steve Hare’s next stop: Toronto!

Sage Foundation’s $1 million challenge, in partnership with parkrun arrives in Toronto on September 30 at 9am.
FREE to enter, this is a Saturday morning that everyone can enjoy.
If you are local and would like to get involved, the details are here:

Keep on running!

Steve set a personal goal of running 500KM by the end of June this year – and completed this at the Newcastle parkrun in June.
Running is now part of his weekly routine and so he’s going to continue to challenge himself.
He now has the target of being his personal best of 13km – watch this space!

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