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Workplace wellbeing experts improve HR administration with Sage HR

BetterSpace - United Kingdom

BetterSpace is an online marketplace for employees to access mental health and well-being resources easily and securely. It chose Sage HR to manage its people from the start.

A need for HR management from the start

It’s no surprise that London-based workplace well-being startup BetterSpace would take its people management seriously from the start. Director of Operations, Anna Jagric, wanted to find an affordable platform that could manage all the company's HR needs in a user-friendly intuitive way, and could adapt for growth.

What I love about Sage HR is that you can add on modules as you grow. A lot of the competition doesn’t allow that.

Anna Jagric
Director of Operations

A future-proof, modular structure

For Jagric, the pricing model and structure of Sage HR stood out against the competition. It gives companies the flexibility to just pay for the active modules and users it requires. This allows startups like BetterSpace to grow without the worry of needing to update its HR software - it can simply add a module where and when it needs it.

I thought it was a fair pricing model - you shouldn’t have to pay for functionality if you’re not going to use it.

Anna Jagric
Director of Operations

Growth and the next module

BetterSpace is looking ahead to continue growing and refining its processes. The next module to implement is Performance Management. This module features 360-degree feedback - a method of performance appraisal that gathers feedback from peers, direct reports, and managers. It will help BetterSpace to continue to develop its people and look ahead to continued success.

This 360 feedback is something I’m very keen for us to implement. It allows individuals to review their managers and peers, and receive the same level of feedback in return.

Anna Jagric
Director of Operations