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You might have noticed that we look a little different.

That’s because we’re changing. We've got a new look and feel. And a simpler experience. The world has changed and people's relationship with business has changed.


And that’s why we’re changing.

With a new purpose, a new way of doing business.

You told us it’s important to keep things simple.

When you log in to Sage, you’ll see we have started to make some changes. We are continually working to make it easier to do business with Sage, meaning you can get on with the things you need to do.

You told us that business has changed.

And that’s why we’re changing. Our network enables you to manage money, work, and your people, connecting you with everyone you need to do business with, from customers to suppliers, banks to governments, with the added benefit of the human touch you know and love from Sage.

You also told us that you want to partner with a company that does business in the right way.

This is important. Knocking down barriers starts with our customers, extending to the communities we live and work within.

Our new identity is just the start. And it’s more than just skin deep. It’s not just about a change of our symbol, it’s a symbol of our change. Of what we stand for, who we are, and how we do business – together.


We hope you like it.

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