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Understanding that all businesses have different needs, the capabilities of your Enterprise Management solution can be expanded with various integrated solutions available with Sage as well as Sage certified partners.

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Sage Business Intelligence and Reporting

Stay ahead of trends and turn insight into action with built-in business object tools and a library of predefined reports that centralises data and delivers it on demand. Expand the core analytics capabilities with business intelligence options such as Sage Intelligence and Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

Sage Intelligence – Financial Reporting for Enterprise Management helps companies to easily control, automate, and analyse their financial data in Excel to make better informed decisions, more quickly. It offers a comprehensive and flexible financial reporting solution, giving users a single version of the truth, helping to reduce spreadsheet chaos and improve collaboration.

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Sage Enterprise Intelligence's intuitive User Interface and advanced features provide real-time access to enterprise-wide information, quickly and securely. More than BI reporting, Sage Business Intelligence supports data entry and business logic applications such as budgeting and forecasting.

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Making your life easier with visual process views

Equipped with fully customizable dashboards, Enterprise Management offers graphical views of key performance indicators so users can make faster and better-informed decisions—based on real-time information. This real-time, company wide view of operations can alert users to any issues that require immediate action.

Visual Process allow you to act quickly when inventory levels drop, a purchase order comes in high, or a sales order requires electronic signature approvals. Enterprise Management empowers you to respond confidently and rapidly to changing business conditions and manage exception events through user-friendly, automated workflow processes and alerts.

Mobile ERP aids productivity, giving users access to critical information and the tools to make a difference. Many field staff spend a lot of time driving or waiting for public transport, mobile application helps with productivity, giving users real time access, anywhere, anytime to business critical information and to the tools that make a difference.
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Optimise your Inventory

Minimise stock-outs. Reduce excess inventory. Simplify ordering. With the right inventory in the right place at the right time, growing your business has never been easier with Sage Inventory Advisor – an affordable cloud solution.

Sage Inventory Advisor can be implemented in just a few hours and is accessible anytime, anywhere. It requires no local hardware installation and provides worry-free updates and maintenance.

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Powerful, simple and flexible Human Resource Management

Enterprise Management HR empowers your HR managers to achieve better efficiency and control over the cost of your workforce by automating processes such as payroll, hiring, on-boarding and retaining talents. They have access to a global and accurate view of the HR budget at any time and in real time. With Enterprise Management HR you can accurately estimate your workforce costs and performance which enables you to base personnel decisions on actual data.

Our modern, future-proof technology helps increase visibility and collaboration within your organisation. Thanks to Enterprise Management HR's user-centered design and self-service capabilities your managers and employees will enjoy easy access to the right information anytime they need it and on any device.

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Extend the power of CRM across your business

By linking your CRM and ERP systems together, you can achieve new ways to improve communications across departments, enabling you to access accurate and comprehensive information that delivers a full customer view from all areas of your business. 

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Specialised solution for the Agriculture Industry


Sage and Aritmos have been working together since 2004, to provide vertical software solutions for different sectors in the Agricultural industry. At Aritmos we believe in solutions designed and developed exclusively to optimise business competitiveness and productivity. These are technologies that provide a comprehensive vision of a company which cover all aspects of an organisation’s business needs.

The Aritmos Agricultural solution handles all the unique requirements found in this industry from Fruit and Veg farming to Winemaking, to Dairy and Meat , Flour milling and more

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