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Sage Inventory Advisor

  • Reduce Excess inventory
  • Minimise stock-outs
  • Place orders quicker


Sage Inventory Advisor Overview

Free 6 Day Inventory Crash Course

The course consists of a series of short emails which will cover the following topics:
  • Day 1: Classify products to focus resources
  • Day 2: Forecast management and its impact on inventory performance
  • Day 3: Why holding the right safety stock is so important
  • Day 4: Setting inventory policy in line with realistic targets
  • Day 5: Effective ordering to reduce excess and minimise stock-outs
  • Day 6: Exception based inventory management


The KPI’s in the Sage Inventory Management Advisor assist you by tracking your stock holdings and service levels. There are Exception lists that highlight the worst offenders, thus enabling your company to analyze and focus on the items that have the biggest impact on your business.

Recommended Orders

The Sage Inventory Advisor provides well-scanned recommendations, telling you what, when and how to purchase.


The Sage Inventory Advisor allows you to select the best editions, modules, deployment methods, and payment options, helping your company to keep the total cost of ownership as low as possible


The Sage Inventory Advisor automatically forecasts all items and adjusts them at a macro or item level

Item Enquiry

Provides easy access to all item details in one place

Stocking Policy

The Advisor drives your inventory planning through well-defined policy


Get a holistic overall view - regionally, nationally or internationally in multi currencies