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Findasense takes control of employee information with Sage HR

Findasense - Madrid, Spain

Global customer experience firm streamlines workforce management with centralized HR system from Sage

Volume of HR data tipping the balance

Beginning life as a start-up with only a small workforce meant that Findasense could easily handle the initial volume of HR information and employee requests. However, big international growth plans meant it needed a way of centralizing employee information and automating leave requests.

We wanted a unified database so that people could log in and register holiday requests themselves.

Laura Di Prisco
Global Culture & People Lead

A solution that grows with the business

Initially just using Sage HR to digitally manage its leave management requests, Findasense has expanded its usage to implement the majority of available modules within Sage HR — from leave management and performance, to onboarding and core HR.

It is one of the greatest tools we have; we will eventually use pretty much everything it offers.

Laura Di Prisco
Global Culture & People Lead

Empowered employees

The implementation of Sage HR has empowered employees to take ownership of their data through the employee self-serve function. Findasense employees use Sage HR to request time off, do one-on-one monthly evaluations, and set quarterly objectives. 

Employees can now update information directly themselves, and it is so easy to request time off or to request to work from home using Sage HR.

Laura Di Prisco
Global Culture & People Lead

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