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Penny Price Aromatherapy tracks inventory with Sage Accounting

Penny Price Aromatherapy - United Kingdom

Sage Accounting provides full traceability and on the move accounting for Penny Price Aromatherapy.

Keeping track of every drop

Penny Price Aromatherapy is a family business steeped in aromatherapy for three generations. It started as an Academy, quickly expanding into supplying essential oil products to therapists too. As the company grew, it quickly became apparent that they would need accurate real time data so they could keep on top of their inventory. 

Sage Accounting allows us to track our blends and products down to the last drop of essential oil which is not something we were able to do before.

Ellie Dunmore
General Manager

Keeping on top of finances on the move

Sage Accounting has saved the company valuable time. Information can be inputted into the system on the go, invoices can be raised remotely and financial data for inventory and sales products can be monitored from anywhere.

We can send invoices to customers immediately without having to return to the office. We couldn’t believe what Sage could offer us as a company.

Ellie Dunmore
General Manager

Stress free accounting

Penny Price Aromatherapy relies on Sage Accounting to take away the daily stress of managing their accounts and tracking their inventory. The platform allows full traceability of products and visibility of financial data enabling the company to work smarter.

I see what purchase order each drop of oil has come in on and what sales order it is going out on. I see how much it costs to produce and how much profit is in it.

Ellie Dunmore
General Manager

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