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Sage makes Single Touch Payroll easy for all its customers

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Sage Makes Single Touch Payroll Easy for All its Customers

On 1 July, Single Touch Payroll reporting came into effect for Australian businesses with 20 or more employees.

As an STP-compliant software vendor, Sage is committed to making the transition to STP reporting as smooth as possible for our customers.

With all Sage payroll solutions – including both on-premise and online variants of Sage MicrOpay and Sage WageEasy, Sage Payroll Outsourcing and Sage Construction and Real Estate – certified STP-compliant by the ATO, we’ve enabled all our customers to submit STP-compliant reporting. This means they can now report payroll to the ATO online, in real time, through their payroll solution – helping streamline and automate their payroll process.

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Some of our clients, like Catherine H., Senior Payroll Specialist for RetireAustralia, have commended Sage for the support they’ve received while transitioning to STP reporting:

“In relation to the STP rollout and reporting, I would just like to commend you and your team. The process has been seamless for RA (RetireAustralia) and would like to thank you for that.”

Denise Mitrovich, Payroll Manager for ACCO Brands, also expressed her appreciation for the help she received from Sage, which made her company’s transition to STP reporting “smooth and simple”:

“Sage took all the mystery out of the new ATO reporting requirements and provided us with lots of information prior to set up. We are 320 employees in Australia. We opted to go early and the set up was smooth and simple. Our first report to the ATO was successful and year end was a breeze! It is now a simple step in the payroll process. Thanks to the team for the efforts in the background so payroll users can just get on with the job with no complications.”

And Peter Davis, Owner and Principal of Davis Taxation Services, also commended Sage for the support he received:

“Sage has the best and easiest STP system of the payroll suppliers. Other competitors make life so much more difficult for us accountants and tax agents. Sage’s easy support and caring is just magnificent and greatly appreciated. Please keep up the good work. Many thanks.”

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