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Coronavirus Update for Customers and Partners

We are closely monitoring the spread of the coronavirus with the safety of our colleagues, customers, partners and their families as our top priority.

Like many businesses in Australia that rely on our software and our people to power your business and livelihood, we want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to limit any impact.

You may find the following Q&A helpful in understanding how our business continuity plans will continue to support our customers and partners. We’ll endeavour to keep you updated as we respond to the ever-changing situation. In the meantime, please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.


1. What is Sage doing globally to ensure preparedness for a coronavirus outbreak?

Sage continues to monitor the coronavirus situation and takes steps to mitigate risks to our customers, partners, and colleagues. We have established global, regional, and local business continuity plans that are continually re-tested and refined as the situation develops. Our global and regional taskforces meet daily, comprising of representatives from our Executive Committee and other executive management, supported by experts from risk, security, travel, people, property, IT, and communications.


2. What steps are being taken specifically in Australia?

The Australian regional taskforce is led by our Regional People Director. We have implemented a set of safety precautions, including updated travel and safety guidance, and restricted travel to high-risk and outbreak areas. As the situation develops, we will continue to assess and implement mitigation and prevention measures recommended by the Australian Government and local health authorities that will improve safety and help ensure business continuity.


3. How will you ensure operations continue despite effects on Sage offices & employees?

We’ve taken steps to prevent or minimise service disruption by enabling a distributed workforce to operate from a home office in real time and collaborate with colleagues and customers as if they are sitting next to them. This also allows us to maintain service to our customers and partners in events such as this.


4. What is your policy for visiting customer premises?

We are monitoring the situation and will follow all local and global health guidelines, including those from World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Australian Government. Our current guidance to our colleagues is to confirm with our customers their preferred method of engagement, with Sage continuing to support in person meetings where social distancing guidelines are followed. We are closely following guidance from Government health organisations and will update you if this situation changes. We ask customers who have recently travelled overseas to update us of this prior to any planned visits.


5. Will Sage systems still work if the coronavirus outbreak widens?

We are confident we have the proper business continuity plans in place to continue to serve our customers. The teams who provide our software services and support services are well prepared to continue operations in the event of any Sage office impacts. We are also implementing contingency plans for our back-office functions to ensure customers receive the same great service they have become accustomed to. Since this is a fast-moving situation, we are constantly assessing our capabilities and implementing controls and solutions as needed.

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