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With streamlined compliance workflows and maximised efficiency with data in the cloud, you can save time and focus on what matters.

Work smarter not harder with Sage Accountant Solutions

Practices need to evolve and adapt strategies to the significant disruption in today’s climate. With Sage, we can enable you to effectively engage with your clients, manage your staff and run your practice from anywhere. Three ways we can help your practice to thrive:

Enhance client engagement

Streamline your accounting practice’s workflow by letting clients upload and download documents, data files and reports at their own convenience.



Automate compliance

Integrated workflows from accounting, financial statements to tax preparation and lodgement.


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Optimise practice resources

Enhance practice operations and free up resources through actionable intelligence and automation fused into core work practices.

Sage Accountant Solutions

Sage HandiSoft Online

A complete practice management solution for Australian Tax Agents and Accountants with tax lodgement and preparation, accounting and productivity tools for firms of all sizes, hosted in a secure cloud environment.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting - Accountant Edition

Sleek and simple online software that lets accountants decide how and when they want to work with their small business clients.

Sage Data Hub – Accountant Edition

Sage Data Hub unifies data across the entire practice to gain insights from client data and have the tools to manage cash flow and your business continuity. Stay on top of your compliance work with automated workflows and instant access to business-critical insights. 

Sage HandiTax Cloud

Powerful tax preparation and lodgement solution in the cloud enabling access to real time data anywhere, anytime. Designed with the needs of small and medium firms in mind, it’s designed with an intuitive and simple user interface.


Sage Accountant Cloud

Sage Accountant Cloud provides practices with a client-centric platform to engage with clients, optimise practice resources and to maximise current and future opportunities.
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Accountant Online Events and Webinars

Be your best practice by keeping up to date with the latest industry insights and new product innovations for Accountants. 

Register to an upcoming webinar or watch an on-demand webinar recording.

Resources to help your practice thrive

Is your practice running you?

Informing best practices for growth and efficiency is not just about identifying useful performance indicators, but rather focused on optimising your accounting practice through measured performance indicators. 

Learn how to grow your practice and create efficiencies with this e-book.

Harnessing software for building relationships

Listen to this Accountants Daily Insider podcast episode discussing how the implementation of customisable software can assist firms in bettering relationships with new and existing clients and improve efficiency, communication and collaboration.
Sage Solutions for Accountants  - Practice of Now

The Practice of Now - 2019 Edition

This report speaks with accountants globally to understand what the working landscape looks like today as well as the future, offering real-world perspectives on how today’s accountants can continue to thrive.

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Preparing your accounting team for an environment of constant change

Preparing your accounting team for an environment of constant change

Keeping up with the pace of change is a challenge for firms of all shapes and sizes. Technology and changing client demands create powerful business opportunities, but they also bring skills gaps. How can your firm combat this skills gap while retaining your current talented team members? Your firm’s ability to upskill, or its capacity […]

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How can a CRM system help your practice grow?

How can a CRM system help your practice grow?

Unlocking new business opportunities is a key imperative for Australian accounting practices, especially during this time of economic uncertainty. So how can you significantly enhance your client relationships and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, to generate new business? One of the most effective ways is by implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Yet, […]

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RJ Sanderson & Associates: ‘At this challenging time, clients are crying out for information’

RJ Sanderson & Associates: ‘At this challenging time, clients are crying out for information’

Watch our video to learn how RJ Sanderson & Associates is guiding its clients through the government’s COVID-19 stimulus packages.

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YML Group: ‘We need to be digital first.’

YML Group: ‘We need to be digital first.’

Watch our video to discover what YML Group has learnt from COVID-19 and how embracing a digital first ethos helps the organisation service its clients.

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H&R Block: ‘It’s been a very steep learning curve for us.’

H&R Block: ‘It’s been a very steep learning curve for us.’

Watch our video to discover how H&R Block has adapted to the COVID-19 outbreak to guide its clients through the government stimulus packages.

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How accounting practices can help their employees work from home

How accounting practices can help their employees work from home

To maintain business continuity during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many Australian businesses have quickly adapted by allowing their staff to work from home where possible. In this article, we look at five steps you can take to ensure your practice and employees make a smooth transition to working from home. Put a work from home […]

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