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Manage your practice anytime from anywhere

Continue to engage with clients, manage your staff and run your practice with secure remote working options. 

Embracing the change 

Businesses are being significantly disrupted and it's our priority that Sage continues to support you to serve your clients, manage your staff and run your practice anywhere you do. Below are some quick ways to support your business continuity during this time of extraordinary change. 

Enabling Sage HandiSoft for remote working

Sage HandiSoft Online

Sage HandiSoft Online is a complete practice management solution for Australian Tax Agents and Accountants with tax lodgement and preparation, accounting and productivity tools for firms of all sizes, all hosted in a secure cloud environment.

  • Provide better client service with the ability to answer questions from anywhere
  • Eliminate costs associated with running and maintaining a server in house
  • Benefit from the state-of-the-art security and infrastructure provided through the AWS Data Centre

Please reach out to your account manager to discuss this thoroughly to confirm that Sage HandiSoft Online is the perfect fit for your business or find out more.


Accessing your office computer from home or remotely

Sage HandiSoft can easily be set up to access remotely or from home.

We know that everyone’s office computer and network environment is set up differently, but the good news is that creating remote access from home PC to your office PC can be achieved.

Here are some tips and information about how you can have an informed conversation with your IT specialist:

I have a Terminal Server

If you use a Terminal Server in your office you should already be able to connect remotely from home to your office. This would allow you to run HandiSoft applications and access them from home. Please discuss this with your IT specialist about how you can inform your staff of the steps required to log in from home to your office Terminal Server.

I don’t have a Terminal Server
For customers who do not have the existing terminal server setup, we believe that one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create remote access would involve what is known as a ‘Local Software Client’ onto the office PCs. This type of third-party software would enable you to connect from a home PC to the office PC. 

A great example of this is a product called TeamViewer.
To clarify, TeamViewer is not a Sage product, but you could utilise this third-party application to quickly and cheaply set up remote access from anyone’s home PC to the office PC. 

TeamViewer makes it easy to connect to remote desktop computers. From anywhere. At any time. Work remotely while travelling for business. Or set up your office for the day anywhere. 

Download and install TeamViewer remote desktop software on the computer you need remote access to. Set up Unattended Access.

1. Name your computer and set a password.
2. Install TeamViewer on the computer you want to use to access the remote computer. Add the device to your partner list.
3. To access the remote computer, select the remote computer name from your Partner List and connect.

Once connected, see the remote desktop screen, take control of the mouse and keyboard, and work on it like you’re right in front of it. Put the remote computer to sleep and wake it up from within TeamViewer when you want to access it again.

You can download TeamViewer here - https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/windows/

To find out more on how you can quickly enable remote access to Sage HandiSoft through Sage Knowledgebase articles featured on Team Viewer or other technologies.

Q: Can I run the HandiSoft applications (that are installed at my office) across a VPN using the internet at home?
A: You cannot run HandiSoft applications across the VPN. A VPN will not work as a remote client to HandiSoft Suite.

Q: Can I create an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) from my home office to my work PC?
A: Yes, this is possible and quite common. Your IT specialist can give you some advice on options that would best suit your specific setup.

Q: Is RDP the same as ‘Local Software Client’?
A: No, they are different technological solutions that provide a similar outcome.

Q: Do the office PC’s need to be left ‘turned on’ to facilitate remote access from home?
A: Yes, the normal work PC’s that you and your staff use must remain ‘turned on’. This is because these work PC’s will be running the HandiSoft programs (like they normally do) and the remote access you create will simply give you and your staff a ‘window’ onto your work PCs.

Q: What other options are there?
A: There are many. Again, your IT specialist can work with you on creating the best solution for your needs. Terminal Servers, Local Software Clients (like TeamViewer), RDP setups, Cloud-based solutions, even ‘desktop-as-a-service’ are all different options that are possible. 

Q: What if I want Sage to provide a solution?
A: We have a hosted solution of Sage HandiSoft called ‘Sage HandiSoft Online’.  This product is the exact same HandiSoft product you have today, except that we host and control your application and data. You can find out more information here: Sage hosted solution.


Enhancing staff and client engagement with Sage HandiSoft

Sage HandiSoft has a range of products that can help accountants and their business to engage with clients and run their practice remotely.

The Sage HandiSoft Connect app enables designated users of your Sage HandiSoft products to access client and other information remotely via a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer, a mobile phone or tablet. Sage HandiSoft Connect can be accessed through the web browser is supported on Microsoft, Apple and Android devices. Using Sage HandiSoft Connect you can remotely view, add and edit client details.

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Notify is a powerful Sage HandiSoft add-on that enables you to send text messages to mobile phones using the internet.

Appointment reminders, deadline alerts or awaiting signature messages are made easy with Sage HandiSoft Notify. Simply click the SMS button in your Sage HandiSoft customer database to launch Notify. From there you just type the message and hit send!

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Sage HandiSoft DataSecure ensures your business can continue to function in the event that your data is lost. It automatically creates backups of Sage HandiSoft and other practice data securely in the cloud so your business can continue to function in the event of a data breach or data loss.

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Sage HandiSoft Document Manager is practice management software that makes your accounting business less paper-dependent.

By linking documents to client records and including powerful search tools, Document Manager makes it easy to find any electronic document within seconds. Respond to enquiries quickly and accurately with instant access to all correspondence. Save time for you and your clients using this proven practice management software for accountants.

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Client Portal is an easy to use software module that allows client access to Sage HandiSoft’s Document Manager.

Streamline your accounting practice’s workflow by letting clients upload and download documents, data files and reports at their own convenience. Client Portal allows your clients to access relevant files at any time, eliminating the need for time-consuming emails and the expense of postage. In addition to providing clients with the ability to 'self-service', the in-built authenticated digital signing function will speed up the completion of your compliance jobs.

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Need some guidance on your options? Speak to one of our experts. 


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Enabling Sage HandiTax for remote working

Sage HandiTax Cloud

Sage HandiTax Cloud is available to all licensed Sage HandiTax users as part of their annual subscription, which means you can start utilising cloud technology to enable you to work from anywhere, including at home. This option is ideal for customers using our Sage HandiTax software only.

Sage HandiTax Cloud is a cloud-native version that is like Sage HandiTax.

It contains all the forms that the desktop version does. Sage HandiTax Cloud has all the ATO reports that you can download today and has prefilled ability for both individual tax returns as well as activity statements.

But best of all, you can move all your client and tax data from the desktop product to HandiTax Cloud in one easy process.

We have a variety of ‘how to’ videos that describe how you can easily set up your Sage HandiTax Cloud solution.

1. Creating your HandiTax Cloud account and practice
2. Moving your desktop HandiTax data to HandiTax Cloud
3. Managing your user’s permissions
4. How to utilise Multi-Factor Authentication for increased security.

For more information on Sage HandiTax Cloud and setting up, please read the Sage Knowledgebase articles. These how-to videos and articles will enable you to get started with Sage HandiTax Cloud quickly without having to contact Sage. 

Q: How far back does HandiTax Cloud go to?
A: It contains the 2016 main forms up to today.

Q: Does I have a security layer built within the product that I can use to restrict what my staff can, and most importantly, can’t do?

A: Yes, HandiTax Cloud come with a fully controllable & customisable security layer that can be tailored to the needs of the practice.

Q: Do I need to buy HandiTax Cloud, even though I already have purchased HandiTax?
A: No, as part of your desktop subscription to HandiTax you receive access to HandiTax Cloud. And we have provided you two logins to HandiTax Cloud for every 1 desktop HandiTax licence.

Q: Does HandiTax Cloud and HandiTax synchronise the tax return between them?
A: The movement of data from HandiTax to HandiTax Cloud is a one way door, once you move the data up to HandiTax Cloud there is currently now process that can move the data back.

Q: How do I complete tax returns for clients that go back prior to 2016?
A: your desktop version of HandiTax will facilitate that need.

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