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CFO 3.0 – a new breed of trailblazing finance leaders

The CFO’s new role as Business Strategist - from number cruncher to visionary. 

The way work happens has evolved – we are mobile, social, flexible and adept at change. We trust data and expect technology to provide the solution to make us more efficient, productive and enable us to remain ahead of the curve.

Digital transformation is now imperative for organisations across a variety of industries, and at the heart of this transformation is the CFO.  Embracing technological evolution will help separate the successful financial leaders from the laggards in this new era of digital transformation.

CFO 3.0 is a new breed of trailblazing finance leaders who use data and emerging technology to create a vision for the future. 

Download our whitepaper to learn:

  • The key trends driving the digitalisation of the finance profession
  • How and why the role of the CFO is changing
  • Why the CFO is key to driving digital transformation
  • How Millennials are influencing adoption of new technology
  • What keeps CFOs up at night – the 5 roadblocks to digital transformation

Finance leaders are increasingly expected to drive digitalisation. To get the most from technology there needs to be alignment between business strategy and cultural readiness.

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