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HR agility. The new business advantage

59% of HR leaders now feel they're playing a more influential role. Are you? Discover how HR agility is the new business advantage in the changing world of work.

HR in the moment: The accelerated digital transformation

We surveyed 1,500+ c-suite executives, HR leaders and employees to understand how recent changes have impacted the role, expectations and perceptions of HR - with intriguing results. 

HR: 'We are leading the charge'

65% of HR leaders say their teams played a vital role in the pandemic, driving change, enabling remote working, and supporting wellbeing.

The c-suite: 'Changes in HR have accelerated'

87% of c-suite executives say the pandemic accelerated changes in HR, with HR increasing influence and visibility - but half feel this is only temporary.

Employees: 'HR has become more people-focused'

60% of employees noticed changes in HR's role, such as being more strategic and people-focused.

The great digital acceleration

59% of HR leaders and c-suite execs say HR is even more focused on digital transformation - but there is a lack of confidence about HR skillsets.

Research report: How have recent events impacted the HR landscape?

72% of HR leaders say the recent crisis has helped them demonstrate their value - however 57% of c-suite leaders still see HR as purely an admin function. This was just one of the key findings in our first research report in the ‘HR in the moment’ series. Download the research to get a 360-degree view of HR in today’s rapidly changing world of work.

Exclusive HR insights at your fingertips

Advice, guidance and tangible next steps for HR and People leaders navigating today's rapidly changing world of work.

The changing face of HR

Changes in the way organisations operate, work, and manage their people are occurring. Learn how to transform HR from a process focused function to a people driven business.

Leading HR into the future

If the data is clear on anything, it’s that the HR function must be prepared for change. See how the role of HR is shifting and what are the new skills required to lead your team today, and in the future.

The People team of tomorrow

Gain insights into the four crucial HR skillsets needed for tomorrow and how to prepare your teams today.

Business resilience: How HR leaders can empower change

Discover the eight essential ways HR and People leaders can lead with business agility, and build resilience in organisations today.

4 ways HR can drive agile ways of working

See how HR and People leaders can drive agile ways of working to achieve success during times of rapid change.

Get started with the best HR solution that fits your business

Take care of all your HR and People needs with one of our HR solutions. Nurture talent, encourage collaboration, and engage your workforce with Sage.


Sage Business Cloud

A cloud-native People system built on the Salesforce platform. Deliver enhanced employee experiences to your workforce anywhere at any time..

  • All your people information in a single, secure system of record, with access on any browser or device
  • Real-time workforce visibility with pre-built dashboards and analytics for smarter people decisions
  • Built on the Salesforce platform providing unparalleled reliability
  • Ability to meet both local and global compliance reporting requirements
  • Providing a consistent onboarding experience no matter where the employee is located

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