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Effective leadership skills development programs

Future-proof your enterprise with effective leadership development software from Sage. With our program, HR teams can identify future leaders, nurture leadership skills and retain key talent.

Developing your workforce’s leadership skills

As a business leader or HR manager, you’ll know that your people are your greatest asset. When building a strong workforce, recruitment is an option. But what if you already have star talent in your team? This is where leadership development programs come in. 

Leadership development equips employees with the skills they need to lead others and drive overall business performance. By implementing a human resource strategy that focuses on building leadership skills, you can identify future leaders and cultivate the specific qualities necessary for a management role. 

This is also known as succession planning. By encouraging your workforce to continually develop their skills and gain first-hand experience, they will be prepared to assume senior roles as they become available.

What is a HR leadership development program? 

A leadership development program is a training plan implemented by a company to support an employee’s transition into a leadership role. An effective leadership program actively encourages employee growth in line with larger company objectives and is key to long-term corporate success.

Effective leadership and succession planning 

Implementing a solid leadership development program enables your team to take ownership of their professional development, and helps bridge any skills gaps in your business. 

With the right planning, companies can avoid an organisational crisis if a key member leaves, and minimise the risk of inexperienced staff being prematurely moved into a position. It readies employees to take on more responsibility and increases their ability to contribute to the organisation’s performance.

With our leadership development HR software, you can take the guesswork out of your succession planning strategies and future-proof your company. We share some tips below to get you started on staff development.

Identify the required leadership skills

Outline a set of specific qualities that are essential to the leadership role. Ensure these skills are aligned with the overall corporate goals.

Assess your workforce

Evaluate your team’s individual skillset to see if you have a match for a successor. Once you have an understanding of your workforce, you can consider recruitment or training. With leadership development software from Sage, decision making is made easy as you get instant visibility into your workforce and their performance.

Outline a leadership development plan

Build a framework that meets the individual’s training needs, as well as the business objectives. It’s also important to set out a timeline and a clear list of expectations. Put a strategic plan in place to ensure the key areas for development are covered, and how the knowledge will be passed on. Mentorship, skills assessment, online learning or in-house training are all great steps towards leadership development.

Put development into action 

Continual development is key, as well as giving the employee a chance to put their learnings into practice. This will also guide their transition into a more senior role. By implementing a clear path and regularly reviewing the leadership strategy, your team will be more engaged with their personal development.

Monitor progress and evolve the program 

Our integrated leadership and HR system allows you to evaluate your leadership training and track the performance of your team. As your organisation evolves, the needs of the business and requirements of particular roles can shift. Human resources teams should review development programs to make sure they are fit for purpose. 


Transform your leadership management programme

With our HR leadership development software, you can develop a highly skilled workforce and take your business to the next level. Streamline your training and recruitment processes with our integrated tools.

Retain talent

Leadership development shows your employees that you are committed to their professional development and establishing a future for them in your company. 

Establish excellence

When your people are given opportunities to advance in their career and develop their skills, engagement will be boosted. Similarly, tracking and rewarding star performers will help get your people ready for the future.

Unlock potential

Bring out the best in your team with Sage HR software. Help employees set leadership development goals based on actionable insights and then measure their growth with ease.

Discover human resources software from Sage

Find the right HR tools to meet your leadership and staff development needs.  

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